Books for Birthdays? Evil Grin…

The Demon Headmaster (TV series)

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In response to this week’s question: I write by hand in pen with purple ink, but I do have a dictating machine that automatically transfers what I say into text straight onto my computer! It’s new, so I have not really had time to use it much yet, but hope it will give me more words per minute and right now, anything is better than this week’s word count

I blame purple ink – it is SO hard to come by!

In response to last week’s Author Blog Hop (Yeah, I wrote it but was unable to post it in time…)  – I am going to say I buy a lot of books to give to non-online friends but I’ve never gifted one of my own… although now I plan to! The victim is a non-author/online pal I’ve known for years. And I’m pretty sure, even though he has an idea of what the content might be like.. I swear he is not going to be ready for this! That doesn’t bother me as much as knowing he may analyse every word… and non-online pals may be the worst critics of them all, purely because they really know you! LOL

That’s if I don’t
1) chicken out before 26th…
2) or come down with a cold, which as a good pal I will not want to infect him with
3) or miss the bus getting there – assuming I don’t get run over by it first
4) or get taken over by aliens, transported to their UFO lab, and have my mind operated on the day before, so I inevitably forget when returned back to earth via their spacepod named JooonahXLdart
5)* or run into a specific group of mind control cult members** strategically disguised as sweet and gentle Amish friends of whom kidnap me for their own devilish needs and make me do anything their fiendish hearts desire (and believe me, asking me how electricity works couldn’t be furthest from their ‘Demon Headmaster‘  minds…)

See I am already thinking of 1001 excuses for not doing this!

**This cult will remain nameless in case one of them escapes in the city and borrows a computer, surfs the net and links my name with theirs. Um, see? That would be asking for trouble for trouble’s sake and everyone knows I’m really an angel, with hundreds of good girl points mounting up as we speak!

* Oh, I rather like that idea #5 …

Hugs to you all,

Yep, that's me!

10 thoughts on “Books for Birthdays? Evil Grin…

    • Purple prose! LOL Purple was my favourite colour for a while, but I find moods and favourites change over time. I think it started off as something to do with my birthstone – Amethyst – it just feels so right. It’s a very powerful colour/precious stone apparently, and it is associated with individuality and creativity.

      Kind of appealed to my little quirky self. 😉

  1. Contrary to your point, I suspect your friend was indeed ready for his birthday gift. However, I suspect he’s very disappointed to have missed out on the opportunity to have reciprocated and given you a birthday present that would have shocked and energised you.

    • Ha! I bet! *giggle* Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles… yeah, I am only a week late in responding, but believe me, it could be worse. Us busy girls, huh?

      Goes off to wonder what could have shocked and energised me…

    • Why, thank you! Yep, there’s certainly a LOT of material there. Running off to get my purple pen…



      P.S. Your message was caught in spam, but I let it through since it’s the kind of spam I like! LOL

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