Hello Bitches!

Shall I say that again?

Hello Bitches!


Blimey, betcha weren’t expecting to see me pop up in your newsfeed today! But, hold on to your hats, folks, because I’ve got some smashing news to share. Yes, your favourite purveyor of titillating tales, yours truly, is back at the writing desk! And, oh boy, have I been hammering away at the keyboard with such verve and vigour, you’d think I was training for a typing Olympics.

Excitingly, I have a brand spanking new story, which is set to be published this coming October. It’s part of a thrilling anthology, compiled by the tremendously talented authors at Black Velvet Publishing. Fancy a sneak peek? Well, you’re in luck because pre-orders are open and you can get a taster online right here…

My latest tale, a sweet and not too spicy morsel (I’m going to go easy on you this once) of approximately 15,000 words, is called “Cosmic Connection”. And let me tell you, it’s going to whisk you away on an interstellar adventure of romantic and racy proportions.


“Explore the depths of the universe with Aurora and Leo in Cosmic Connection – where love transcends time and space!”


In a not-so-distant future where Earth has become an inhospitable relic and humanity persists within the confines of biodomes, our heroine, Aurora, a scientific genius, is burning the midnight oil in her mission to save her people from total extinction. She’s no stranger to taking charge, yet, when she allows herself some respite, she hungers for something more, something… tantalising. Enter stage right, Leo, the perfect alien boyfriend, dreamt up by Aurora to meet her every need. In his company, she can release her control and embrace the unknown.

As Aurora’s infatuation deepens, Leo becomes more tangible, more real, and their connection electrifies. Could it be that her imagined paramour isn’t quite so imaginary? Yet when she finally encounters Leo in the flesh, navigating the enormity of their divergent worlds and the explosive secrets lying in wait presents a colossal challenge.

“Cosmic Connection” is a scintillating Sci-Fi escapade that will jet you off to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, and then some. Traverse the cosmos alongside Aurora as she surrenders to her deepest, most luscious desires and uncovers a world of satisfaction beyond her wildest fantasies. Yet, when two worlds collide, will their love endure the collision or shatter into stardust? Hold on to your space helmets, dear readers, you’re in for an exhilarating ride that will leave you gasping for breath and yearning for more. This is one celestial connection you don’t want to miss!

Oh, and by the way, I have my first author Facebook Party event for COSMIC CONNECTION with all the lovely authors who also contributed to VORTEX DESIRE.

It’s today! And I am offering a SUPER-DUPER prize which is rather unusual… A story written by me with your story prompts. Click here to join in – and comment on my posts. You have until tomorrow morning to get your answers in, before I pick a winner – so get signed up quick!!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

BIG hugs,

Angelika xx

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Hello Bitches!