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my needy heart

creased as tin foil

is smoothed by your protection


bind me with love

fast as magic

for a spell of submission

© Copyright Angelika Devlyn

Life is not all cuffs and chains… but it should be! #Houseslaves of #Cambridgeshire…#amwriting #erotica

I know that sounds like a kinky version of beginning of The Houseslaves of County Cambridgeshire, (which I’d happily watch if it were real), but it got me thinking about D/s relationships and “characters” in my work in progress (Project Slave) and how there’s a fine line between being made to do something that you don’t want to do and being made to do something totally against your will.

We all have things we don’t want to do;  from last night’s washing up (ahem!) to being told by a Dominant to go upstairs and prepare for a discipline spanking just because he can. I mean, who really wants to do either of those if given the choice to say no? Do we? Yes. Why? Because we have consented to take on certain responsibilities within our relationships from the very beginning, and these come in many forms, employer/employee, student/teacher, a vanilla relationship, or uber kinky one. To name but a few.

All relationships rely on trust, love, roles and the sharing of duties. Kinksters just do the role negotiation in a slightly different way, that’s all. At times some limits are stretched and subs are pushed out of their comfort zones, but this must not in anyway be seen as doing something against their will. Quite often all it takes is a little encouragement, some positive reinforcement, or even the threat of a whip to break through any barriers, (whatever works, right?) but again, and I cannot stress this enough, this would have already been discussed, dissected, worked out in detail and proudly put into a loving D/s couple’s contract when agreed upon, so there is no mistaking what either responsibilities are for both parties. If only marriage would come with a contract like this!

But doing something against your will, in real life, not in a D/s contract or in your everyday vanilla life, is a big no-no. Quite often these fall outside of the hard/soft limits previously discussed, or are imposed on you by outside sources. An example of the latter is meeting a Dom who thinks that every sub he meets is going to fall down on their knees and obey him. Where what he really needs is a lesson on how we can tell fake Doms from a thousand paces. You’re an idiot You just don’t know it.

Having said that, meeting a crap dom, or being forced to do something against your will,  in a story – is kind of cool – in a damsel in distress kind of way, of course.
<Insert evil grin here>.

By the way, my story, Project Slave, is going well. Thanks for asking! 🙂  It’s very bitty, as I do not write in a linear fashion. If I think of a scene, one the book really must have, I write it – even if I do not know how I’m going to get there. Don’t ask me how, but it works. Like someone else is magically telling me what to write. But that’s a completely different story about writing in the flow…

Life is about the choices we make. Or don’t.

I like my choices. Do you?

Hugs, see you later!

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Save on emails: wind up a friend #WednesdayWisdom


Good news! I’ve finally got the rights to one of my books returned back to me (actually it was the first book I ever wrote) so although it’s rather sad to have Amazon take it down (sniff) I’m pleased the New Year is showing good signs of moving onwards and upwards. More excited squeals of joy coming your way soon… #eroticarocksyoursocksoff

Meanwhile, below is a snippet of my absolutely must do, without fail, list today. Or else, I’m in for a very long, ouchy spanking…


I just hope Dev doesn’t read this…  (Actually, if he does then I won’t have to bother with emailing him first!) *Snigger*  #WednesdayWisdom Save on emails: wind up a friend.

Meanwhile, today I am listening to a song that I cannot get out of my head. It was in a horror film I watched last night called “Incarnate” (2016) with Aaron Eckhart staring as the lead role. The tune is by Awolnation and is called ‘Sail’. I chose this link as it shows you the words, which I like.

Well, that’s my half-arsed contribution to #WednesdayWisdom!

Happy Wednesday Hugs,

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The Writing Challenge Begins…

Hello there!

Well I have been busy last week with my first writing group challenge prompt, which was ‘Gears’. So busy, in fact, that what started out as a short story has developed into a series. I’ve even done a mock up book cover to keep me motivated!  See below.

13166409 - sexy woman body in lingerie on black

Mock up book cover  :: Motivation Fuel

This work in progress is subject to change, as is the cover. However, currently, it is about a single submissive girl (let’s call her Heidi) who wants to blog more regularly, (sound familiar?)  When she stumbles upon the idea interviewing real people within the BDSM community and transforming those interviews into stories, each with a theme from A -Z, she is both shocked (and perhaps a little horrified) that the very first person she interviews ends up manipulating the conversation and interviewing her for a role within his household instead.It’s a position she has always fantasised about, but dare she succumb?

Renown BDSM player and expert, master Michael, offers to become Heidi’s protector in exchange for his guidance and training. If she accepts, he will send her on his own series of assignments that match her blogging requirements from A through to Z, providing all the contacts (and hands on experience) she will need. All she has to do is obey.

This series will follow Heidi’s slave girl assignments provided to her by her protector, master Michael, each will continue the theme that goes from A-Z.  This work in progress is called the Project Slave and more details can can be found here, updating as she passes each assignment.