I Sucked… (#Goals and #GoodGirlPoints)

Last week, all my goal setting absolutely sucked. Well, my goal setting didn’t, but my ability to achieve my goals did! So today I’ve really made the effort to get some jobs done so I don’t feel too guilty to write and of course I can avoid the nasty and viscous and unrelenting Mr. Paddle.


Mine is black, but just as painful!


And what do you know? I did it. I achieved all the goals I set out for myself this morning. And OMG I’m so pleased with myself I do feel a whole load of good girl points coming my way very, very soon.

I’ve a day off work today, so instead of getting up between 10.00am to midday, (when usually it’s 5.00am for work) I forced myself to get up with the idea of getting everything ready this morning, so this afternoon I can write. So I am actually very pleased with myself, and patting myself on the head as we speak, because I got up pretty early for my day off and have done all this:

1. Walked the dogs

2. Cleaned out the rat cage! Not a quick job, I can tell you. My little ratties are pampered Princesses (a little like me), and live in a five foot tall rat palace (not like me – unless you count my naughty cage, but fortunately I don’t live in that). Needless to say they are very happy ratties right now, just like me.

3. I’ve done two loads of washing.

4. Tidied my bedroom.

5. Tidied the kitchen and shined my sink (that’s a FlyLady thing).

6. Decluttered enough to fill a bin bag full.

7. Hoovered the whole house.

8. Put the crockpot on.

9. Had lunch. Drunk my water. (Hey, this could count as two!)

10. Written this week’s goals on my whiteboard.

11. Almost finished writing this blog post. (Although now you are reading it, I can safely say I can tick that job off my list, too!)

12. Tidied my desk so I can now write.

13. And most importantly, avoided Mr. Paddle!

All that’s left is to write. Which I am going to do now.

Oh, and for those of you who think, hell I do that everyday. I don’t. I’m no domestic goddess, and I am not a natural “Domestic Service Maid”, in fact I think I am actually allergic to housework. So, as you can tell this is an amazing feat for me. There’s always something else I’d rather be doing…

Funny how the threat of the nasty Mr. Paddle can work wonders on my motivation!

Now to write! Speak to you soon.


Yep, that's me!





My! Doesn’t Time Fly When You Are Enjoying Yourself?

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches with tea ...

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Gosh! My Christmas break wasn’t this long, honest! But oh, my! How time does fly. I must do better. After all, it is a new year, right? New Year. New Start.  And all that jazz. Yeah, yeah. I know. You’ve heard it all before. But this time, I mean it. LOL

Rightio! First things first. I’d like to announce the winners of my book following the not-so-recent Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road  book tour. Congratulations goes to…

– Larken, over at Micheal and Season’s blog, Blossom and Thorn, where  I guested – and Na.S for leaving a lovely comment here.

Thank you for taking part. I’ll be in touch with both of you and will send my book to you right away!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your comments and to also thank Susan and Michael for having me as their naughty little guest. The tea and cucumber sandwiches were delicious and my dressing room absolutely divine! THANK YOU!

OKAY, next time I update my blog, I will not leave it quite so long. Cross my heart and hope (not) to die!


Yep, that's me!

Hunt for the Holiday Hat #12 here! Win a KINDLE!


Go here to start the treasure hunt for a chance to win a KINDLE!

Welcome to my writing dungeon! LOL Grab yourself a chain and steady that whip as we take another hunt around my website to look for the next ‘Holiday Hat’ logo #12 out of 19 available to find. No it’s not on this page or in the main sidebar of my blog.  *Evil laugh*

You have to dig a little deeper to find mine!

That also means, those of you subscribing via email (thank you by the way!) need to pop along to my blog to find it.
Hint: LOOK for the word Media – and  you’ll find logo #12!

Just in case you didn’t know the tour link in the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road logo, in the sidebar on the right, is where the tour actually starts. (Also seen above!)

I’m featured twice – once over at Micheal and Season’s blog, Blossom and Thorn,  on the 5th December, and today we are partying here. Still time to comment over there – so do pay me a visit please 🙂

The idea is that you hunt for as many ‘Holiday Hat’ book covers as you can find and then list them all as you go along. Then, at the end of the book tour send them in to Sassy Brit to enter into the draw for a chance to WIN the KINDLE!

Alongside the Kindle competition, there are also daily prizes to win. Everyone hosting a tour will put up a different prize each day of the tour. So there are lots of prizes up for grabs. And you have until 22nd Dec 2011 to leave a comment for a chance to win any of the individual prizes.

I’m giving away a copy of my ebook, Black Ice to one lucky commenter!  🙂 Closing date to leave a comment is 22nd Dec 2011.

Did you know, 13  is my lucky number?  Today’s the 13th. I wonder what’s in store for me today.

I do hope you will join in!  Happy hunting!


Yep, that's me!

#BlogHop4Writers: Money and Finances… er, rightio!

Today’s question nearly killed my computer!

Welcome the Thursday, OCT 27th  #BlogHop4Writers post!
Thursday, 27th Oct:
QUESTION: Being a writer means that you are also an entrepreneur: have you set business/financial goals for this year and how are you going to achieve them?  Question provided by author: Clayton Bye

I nearly spurted my tea all over my computer when I read this one!

But then I thought about it long and hard. And came up with this.

Business and financial goals for a writer, published or not – should include SALES less expenses = Profit. And to get a sale we must have something to sell, right, and that means writing a book. Lots of books, in fact, mean more sales, because you have more to sell. So it makes sense, the more we write the more we publish the more we have to sell. For someone like me with not many books to promote – I think I need to concentrate on writing more, don’t you?

My Goal:
I set myself a goal for the last quarter of this year. More than anything I need to write more books as this gives more choice for readers. So an hour a day writing – no matter what – is going to have to happen.  A goal is not a goal if you cannot measure it. I am giving myself three months to get into this habit.

How I am going to achieve it:
By taking action! I am going to get up earlier to do it. I figured my brain is not as addled or burnt out by anything else I’ve seen or heard during the day as I will have just have woken from a good night’s sleep it will be – pure and fresh, just like me. 😛 Plus, I have to get moving and get into my usual non-writing morning routine (breakfast etc) at around 7.30am, so I have a cut off point. My morning time is limited. I can’t get trapped writing all day and accidentally forget all my other responsibilities – I must get up, write and be finished by 7.30am.

Starting tomorrow. Weekdays will be easier to get up over weekends, so I will set a 5 day a week early start and if I can do extra at the weekends, which are usually extremely busy, then weekends will just be a bonus. And I won’t make my goal too hard. I know I can get up earlier in the mornings during the week, with effort mind you, but I can do it. I am not at all sure I can cope with it at the weekends, so there is no point, in my opinion, to add this as part of my goal – as I will automatically feel as though I have failed – even before I start. And goals should be achievable, right?

Have you set any business or financial goals? Admittedly this is more about the ‘producing of a product’  (a book in my case) than a financial goal.

What’s your take on this? I think it’s a great question. Find out what the others are saying, here!


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