Oops! I’ve Been Naughty : And not in a good way…


Nothing to do with this post, I just love it because it mentions my Princess status, and of course, it’s Princess Pink. Yep, I’m easily pleased… 

I’ve totally been so busy (actually writing), I’ve kind of forgotten about my lovely blog readers!  Well, you’ve not entirely been out of my mind…  but I must admit I’m feeling rather guilty now.  I didn’t realise how long I’d left you.

So, want a chance to get your own back and keep tabs on how much I write?  If you’re an author, would you like to join me in this torture superb way of churning out heaps more words and achieving your writing goals in a rather competitive, but fun environment?

Go on, you know you want to…

I found this perfect place to do writing sprints live. Yes, LIVE. And I’m offering to share my secret writing cage with anyone interested, all you have to do is show your interest by VOTING on this Facebook poll.  Yep, I’m glutton for punishment.

But hurry, there are only 3 days left to have your say!

What will you choose? The “Full on Hardcore” option, or the “I’m so laid back I’m horizontal” (very unwise mode).

Thank you luvvies!


P.S. If you’re not already a Facebook Fiend, why not? lol  You know how much it means to be to have your support!  😉