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Writing scenes(Part One): How would you define a ‘twist’? Do you use a twist in every scene or just at the end of the book? Question provided by affiliate author L. P Robinson  (Part one, part two is next week!)

Yes, I do try to use a “twist” in every scene. At first this is not a conscious decision, although I have been taught to do it, my first scribbles are more or less some sort of brain dump on paper. But once I have the story pretty much sussed and I start to transfer my scribbles to the computer that is when I go through each scene separately and work out what is needed within each to (hopefully)

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make it read a bit more exciting and give the story some “OOMPH!” I also use index cards to work out if I have the right elements in each scene.

How do I classify a twist? Well, if you know me, you’ll know I’ve been taught by Holly Lisle (and although I cannot claim to be best friends, 😉 I have taken many of her courses and she is the most hands on teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Anyway, I digress, but my version of “twist” is what I’ve been taught by Holly – In each scene there needs to be a mixture of:

A protagonist versus (conflict) an antagonist, in a setting with a twist. The twist being the point that changes everything.

Like a woman (protagonist) acting childish, screaming and crying because she doesn’t want (conflict) her boyfriend (the antagonist – refusing to budge on the subject) to get that really well paid job 1000 miles away in France (setting).  And then comes the twist. She’s pregnant. (The twist. The thing that changes everything in that scene. No going back).

Well, that’s my take on it!

Of course, not every twist is quite so dramatic, and conflict doesn’t always have to mean an argument, but I hope you get the gist. The gist of the twist. Oh, I’m a poet and I don’t know it. Again. Amen.

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