My June Goals…& Why I Must Have It All NOW!

Nah! I’m not a brat, I just pretend to be one. Honest. The reason I want it all NOW! NOW! NOW! Is once again I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo – (National Blog Posting Month) The theme for the month is NOW. Very fitting, because NOW I need to set up a new personal writing goal and deadline for book two of The Dark Kingdom Chronicles, plus the other things I have going around in my head. On top of that I like the Nike saying – DO IT NOW! Nothing in life is worth agonising over in your head. If you do this you are most likely putting obstacles in your way of getting something done. Obstacles that are just a figment of your over active imagination. Fear keeps most of us in our comfort zone and can prevent us getting on with our goals. Think about it. What’s the worst that can happen? Apart from you, who would actually care if you cocked something up? Unless you are harming someone or yourself in the process, there is nothing that can stop you from doing anything – but you.  That’s not to mean we don’t make mistakes, but we learn from those and at least we have done something to learn from!

Oh, yes, as you can see, goal setting is my PET. Not a pet hate, a pet love. You should see the size of my “TO DO LIST”. Actually, I’ll make that a blog post for another day, and post a photograph of it. <grin>

So, in order of importance, my WRITING GOALS for the month of JUNE are as follows:

1. Write 1,000 words Every Weekday (at least)

If I start NOW – today and stick to it WEEKDAYS for the whole of the month I’ll have 22,000 words by the month end! That’s a third of the book in one month. Sounds so easy when I put it like that. Officially I had intended to start writing book two on 21st June (giving myself a month off – after my last horrendous deadline!) and I put a tentative date on finishing book two by 21st December. But I honestly don’t feel like anymore of a break, I’m itching to get on with it.  Plus having a deadline that close to Christmas may not be a good idea as we all know how awfully busy it gets around that time of the year.

2. To report back here once a day for NaBloPoMo

Yep, this is second. The way I see it, if I don’t get my word count done during the weekdays, I can’t report in with anything – because I never allow  myself to play until my work is done. Quite often it’s the thought of working that can put me off, not the actual work. Once I get going I actually find it hard to stop!

As for the weekends I’m hoping I can find time to come in and keep going for NaBloPoMo – bit of a gamble, but worth a try. 😉

3. To update my word count widgets (at least once a week)

Not hugely important, but why add them if I never update them? 😉 Once a week – Sundays if I can – since I always count my first working day of the week beginning as Monday.

Please leave a reply. Many thanks! :D

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