What’s New Pussycat? Whoah! Whoah!

No, I haven’t developed into a Tom Jones fan and started throwing my knickers at him. (And if I was going to throw my knickers at him I’d made sure there was something hard wrapped up in side them to knock him out and stop him singing!)

*Laughs* Only joking Tom! Love ya really…

(Love you even more when you are quiet).

Okay, no knickers involved.


I just thought it was time for an update and love this picture!

So, what’s new? I hear you ask.

I have a new writing prompts page to get your juices flowing.

On Tuesday 17th February I am taking part in a Birthday Bash with Brita Addams. There will be lots of prizes for those who take part. I’m offering to write a small flash fiction spanking story (using three words of the winner’s choice) for one lucky person commenting on this blog on the day. Plus it’s also my birthday, too. So lots of fun all round.

Hmmm. What else?

Tonight I’m going to see the most talked about film of February, “50 Shades of Grey“, not sure what to expect but I am sure this is the first time I am going to say the film is better than the book.

Anyway, I am looking forward to heckling in the audience with things like – ‘He didn’t tie that knot very tight’,  ‘Those clover clamps need pulling harder!’, and ‘Call that a butt plug? Pfft!’ while I stand up, raise my skirt and with knickers down (there they are) proudly bend over saying, ‘That’s a butt plug!’ Crocodile Dundee style. *Giggle*

Oh, by the way, I am currently side-tracked with a novella-sized spanking story, but more about that next time…

Just thought I’d throw that in.

Until next time – spanking hugs!
Yep, that's me!