My writing life is full of good habits!

My Novel:

Because it is the month for Nanowriomo, and because my novel has to be finished by 31st January 2010, although I am hoping for an extension on account of poor document management and losing 30,000 new words I can never recover or remember in its entirety (Hint! Hint!), I am pleased to say I have been doing nothing but hammering away at the keyboard making a concerted effort to get to those final two all important words – THE END.

I do have some wonderful news to share with you regarding my novel, but I can’t do it yet since not all the details have been finalised yet, and I don’t want to jinx it! 🙂

My Writing Routine:

Since I am very lucky to be able to write all day, I’ve unconsciously found a good writing routine that seems to be working out very well for me. It’s simple too.

I sit down at my desk at 9.00am, check emails, and start my book research, re-read my previous work, and if needed do all the little things like adjust my plot, build my fantasy world and the rules for it, get to know my characters better and keep tabs on my word count every now and then.

By 10.00am I then start actually writing, and can quite happily do this all day long, with few breaks for things that I have to do around the house, errands and whatnot. I know! I’m groaning too, but these things are sent to try us and have to be done.

My Daily Word Count Goal:

I’m learning from experience that I don’t check my daily word count goal as much as I should. You may also have noticed that because of this, I’m notoriously bad at updating my WIP gadgets in the sidebar. That’s something I will have to improve on, but for now, I am happy with the knowledge of actually writing every day and that’s the main thing. I will do it soon, probably at the end of Nanowrimo when I have to submit my 50,000  words in order to win. If I have made the target, that is. I’m not keeping track of it so far, and write in many documents at the same time, so I can’t add it up yet.

My Blog Posts:

Without making a conscious decision to do this, I am regularly updating my blog every Friday. Is that enough? Probably not, but I say it has to be better than leaving it to rot. It does mean I am still keeping in touch, and that much of my time is being taken up with writing, which you’ll have to agree is a very positive and productive habit.

The Drawback;

Okay, with all this good writing news, I do have one drawback to it all. Concentrating on my novel does mean that I’ve been struggling to break away and join in with the Friday Flash Fiction challenges, but I’m rooting for everyone who is taking part. Go peeps!

Another Good Girl Point:

Incidentally, I’ve only just discovered how to add other peoples feeds to this blog! The first feed I have set up is the “Write a book with author Holly Lisle”, which can be found towards the bottom of the sidebar. This is the author’s personal project and way of getting other writers to be productive. She does this by encouraging us to set a daily writing goal with an anticipated minimum word count and sticking to it, with the opportunity of reporting back with your own word count results. I don’t know when this started, however, since I have a lot of catching up to do (with probably Holly Lisle’s word count and my own personal goal) this has got to assist my writing needs and deserves another good girl point in my opinion.

So, that’s me done for another week. What about you?

4 thoughts on “My writing life is full of good habits!

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  2. A lot of work, Angelika, and if you stick with your schedule you should be able to manage it all very successfully. I think weekly blog posts are sufficient and gives you the option to post more frequently when necessary, but definitely don’t go longer than a week between posts.

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