BLOG HOP: Me {as a character in a book?} I’m one that never wants to grow up!

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Hello Blog Hopping Buddies! Here we are again!

QUESTION: If you had to write yourself as a character what would you be like, what kind of book would you be in (go nutz)  Question provided by affiliate author Amy Romine

I don’t know about writing myself as a character, but it has been suggested I’d be a very naughty girl and get into lots of trouble because somehow trouble just seems to cling to me like a magnet.  I’d quite like to star as a new Absolutely Fabulous Edina Monsoon type character. But people may think me more of an Enid Blyton tomboy Georgina (George), the adventurous girl with a fiery temper and cute little dog called Timmy. Only slightly naughtier. (See, I’m not that delusional). And lashings of ginger beer could translate into something quite, quite different…

Yes, I’m the immature, eternal Peter Pan. Only a female version. A childish archetype – someone who never wants to grow up. LOL

Besides, it would make a difference to boring my every day life. There’s only so much ass-kicking demons and angels one can deal with at a time. It would be nice to take off the bovver boots, hang up my magic staff and sit back and be pampered for a while.

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9 thoughts on “BLOG HOP: Me {as a character in a book?} I’m one that never wants to grow up!

  1. Ha-ha! Bovver boots! Showing your age now, honey! I had many pairs of those when I was a kid, up in the frozen wastes of Geordieland!

    Me – I always wanted to be the all-seeing, all-powerful, all malificent Witch Queen – beautfiful beyond comparison, and deadly to the touch! Kind of like Sauron in a skirt.

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