#BlogHop4Writers: How far would you go…Hot Lips?

Welcome the Thursday, Sept 15th new look #BlogHop4Writers post!

QUESTION: Would you be honest and candid enough to write your personal thoughts, feelings and actions in a memoir like I did in… Question provided by author: Gary Revel

Okay, so, bearing in mind I write naughty stories this would be like saying I’d reveal all in a hot juicy memoir about my vast sexual exploits plus more! LOL Kind of a News of the World meets the Sunday Sport memoir equivalent  – with a dab of lipstick and gloss.

Seriously though,  I think it takes a lot of guts to write a memoir and I’d need to have a damn good reason to make it interesting enough, since I’m not a celebrity and I haven’t really done anything to justify writing as book about my life…

Yet! LOL

Here’s some ideas for titles of my imaginary memoir though…

Hot Lips Angel Rides the Devil Out! (or ‘Wears the Devil Out!’)
The Devil Rides Out and Back Home Again (just in time for tea)
There were three in a bed and the little one said…More! More!

By the way, last Thursday I said I would write an hour a day and tweet when I start and finish. (I know, I shouldn’t speak until I’ve thought things through). Another classic case of saying one thing and doing another I’m afraid! What I actually did was 3 hours and forgotten to tweet. LOL Still 3 is better than none.

Would you have the guts to spill the beans and tell the truth about your life in a memoir?

What about you? What do you think about today’s #BlogHop4Writers question?

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