#BlogHop4Writers: What do you dream of accomplishing…

Welcome the Thursday, Sept 8th new look #BlogHop4Writers post!

QUESTION: What do you dream of accomplishing with your writing?  Question provided by affiliate author: Faith Luna

Well, I’m all for lots of goal setting and getting things done, but lately I’ve being doing so much and been a bit poorly, my writing (and blog posting) has suffered. So, before I get any big ideas about fame and fortune, which I’m not really interested in to be honest, I need to get back into my writing routine and actually finish some more stories. That’s not to say I’ve not been writing. I do have a short story in the new, first ever alternative-read.com “Alternative” anthology, Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road, coming out in November, however, I need to routinely take time out from everything else I do,  now I’m better and get back into the swing of things – big time!

Then I can start making my dreams a reality. How about a one hour a day goal, which I will post to Twitter when I start and finish? There, I’ve said it now. I’ll HAVE TO DO IT. lol. Unless no one notices I’ve said it… (*Shush!*)

What about you? What do you think about today’s #BlogHop4Writers question?

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