BLOG HOP: Hands up anyone who thinks Angelika Devlyn is a pen name!

Well, go to the top of the class and give yourself a good girl/boy point — because you’d be right! Funny that! 🙂 But what the hell made me choose it, huh? 

Hello Blog Hopping Buddies! Here we are again! This time the question was asked by little old me, and yeah, I am going to answer my own question. LOL Why not? 🙂

Thursday, July 7th 2011:
QUESTION: Pen names: Do you write under a pseudonym or do you prefer to use your own name? Why? If you have a pen name, how did you choose it?

My response:

Well, obviously Angelika Devlyn is not my real name, however, since I write erotica I felt I had to use a pseudonym, as I worked in a profession were it really wouldn’t do me any justice to admit everything I do in my private life. And why should I? LOL In all honesty, I would have probably lost my job had they known about my secret affair with naughty words. And that’s all they are when you think about it, words. Words with the power to make you lose your job!

I chose my pen name for many reasons. I wanted a name that was representative of the genre I wrote, and my cheeky personality. For me, tongue in cheek it may be, Angelika Devlyn did just that.

I hoped it would show I didn’t take life too seriously, without sounding unprofessional and childish. I loved the play on words, the angel – devil and good girl – bad girl idea. It also went very well with my reviews of other erotica books. It wasn’t a name taken in most forums or on Amazon where I posted my reviews, and further on down the line it also kind of fit when I wrote an agony aunt/uncle style column, ‘Ask the Spanking Mavens’, with spanko author, Devlin O’Neill, where I actually played the part of a character called Angelika Devlyn, who always ended up being cheeky and doing something wrong for which I got spanked at the end of every episode. LOL

No, we are not related.
Yes, I had named myself Devlyn before I met the grumpy professor, Devlin. 😀
So, that’s my excuse! What’s yours?


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7 thoughts on “BLOG HOP: Hands up anyone who thinks Angelika Devlyn is a pen name!

  1. Have always loved the pen name there girlie! I know of peeps with multiple pen names and it becomes very confusing!! Hahaha!. Need a spreadsheet just to keep them all straight!

  2. My name Zohra Saeed is also a pen name – for the same reason, I wanted a name to go with the theme of my story: Desert Flower, which is set in Bahrain. And also because I hope to some day publish some of the children’s stories I have written.

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