I Sucked… (#Goals and #GoodGirlPoints)

Last week, all my goal setting absolutely sucked. Well, my goal setting didn’t, but my ability to achieve my goals did! So today I’ve really made the effort to get some jobs done so I don’t feel too guilty to write and of course I can avoid the nasty and viscous and unrelenting Mr. Paddle.


Mine is black, but just as painful!


And what do you know? I did it. I achieved all the goals I set out for myself this morning. And OMG I’m so pleased with myself I do feel a whole load of good girl points coming my way very, very soon.

I’ve a day off work today, so instead of getting up between 10.00am to midday, (when usually it’s 5.00am for work) I forced myself to get up with the idea of getting everything ready this morning, so this afternoon I can write. So I am actually very pleased with myself, and patting myself on the head as we speak, because I got up pretty early for my day off and have done all this:

1. Walked the dogs

2. Cleaned out the rat cage! Not a quick job, I can tell you. My little ratties are pampered Princesses (a little like me), and live in a five foot tall rat palace (not like me – unless you count my naughty cage, but fortunately I don’t live in that). Needless to say they are very happy ratties right now, just like me.

3. I’ve done two loads of washing.

4. Tidied my bedroom.

5. Tidied the kitchen and shined my sink (that’s a FlyLady thing).

6. Decluttered enough to fill a bin bag full.

7. Hoovered the whole house.

8. Put the crockpot on.

9. Had lunch. Drunk my water. (Hey, this could count as two!)

10. Written this week’s goals on my whiteboard.

11. Almost finished writing this blog post. (Although now you are reading it, I can safely say I can tick that job off my list, too!)

12. Tidied my desk so I can now write.

13. And most importantly, avoided Mr. Paddle!

All that’s left is to write. Which I am going to do now.

Oh, and for those of you who think, hell I do that everyday. I don’t. I’m no domestic goddess, and I am not a natural “Domestic Service Maid”, in fact I think I am actually allergic to housework. So, as you can tell this is an amazing feat for me. There’s always something else I’d rather be doing…

Funny how the threat of the nasty Mr. Paddle can work wonders on my motivation!

Now to write! Speak to you soon.


Yep, that's me!