Another day another pounding…

First, if anyone reading this has not read myWhy Can’t I Be More Like Delia Smith?post, then please feel free to click the link and find out exactly how awful my cooking is. It may prepare you for what is to come.

Today I was cooking something completely different and would you believe the same thing happened? I know, I must be jinxed or something. Who’d have thought I could take something completely new and make it stick in the bottom of the pan and magically look like the same grunge I usually make?

Of course, I managed to salvage it by sieving the worst lumps and then pouring the rest back in whilst whistling* merrily as if nothing had happened. Even though it’s supposed to be thick not runny. But shush! I think I got away with it, yet again.

Okay, anyone could be reading this confession, but that won’t matter because by the time this has been published they would have all eaten the offending ‘state on a plate’.


What can I do? I don’t get paid to cook and I live in an erotic fantasy world of angels, demons and shapeshifters! Expecting anything else is just asking for trouble!

Talking of which, er, writing that is, I seem to be pounding it out today like nobody’s business.

How much have I written of book two? Ah! That’s a deadly secret and I’m afraid I just can’t reveal that a day early.  Otherwise I’d have to shoot you as I wouldn’t have anything to say tomorrow when I report back with my daily goal progress. And we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Well, so far so good. This post-a-blog-post-a-day lark seems to be working. They say if you can do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. I only hope I can do it for 21 days. Only 16 more days to go before this comes so natural I’ll be doing it in my sleep. Well, that’s the theory. Click on NaBloPoMo pic above to find out more!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!



You know it’s coming don’t you?

* To cover up the scraping sounds…

4 thoughts on “Another day another pounding…

  1. Don’t know about your cooking skills, Angelika, but I know your writing skills are fabulous. Been remiss in not congratulating you on your new book coming out soon. Can’t wait for that. 🙂

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