The BIP: Task One + Why Can’t I be More Like Delia Smith

Not me!


Why will I never be like Delia Smith? Because I’ve already burned the dinner and it’s not even 3.00pm! Just got sidetracked from writing this, to go and do a rescue mission on the dinner. My crockpot has broken, so I’m supposed to be simmering it on the stove. Yeah, right. Well, I think I saved it, have to wait and see when the old man gets to taste it. Don’t worry, I scraped all the burnt bits out, cleaned the pan, and put it all back in! LOL

Oh, why can’t I be more like Delia? Although, she is a Norwich supporter, and that’s not altogether a good thing…

This is part of the BIP 2010, this is my first post:

There are numerous areas I would like to improve on this blog:


  • Template design – something more in the line for an author; albeit a n00bie one.
  • Colour scheme – Thinking red/black/blue shades, that match my book cover ūüėČ
  • Sidebar content – Will need to add the book cover when its ready + tidy up what is already up
  • Add a page for my book with summary/blurb/cover/publisher
  • Maybe add a page for my characters? I always like that on author blogs – where do I get nudie men photo’s? I will need lots! ūüėČ
  • Add a better front page, if possible – or an “About” page with “Contact” and “Professional Affiliations”
  • Add a “Media” page?
  • A nice Angel signature for my blog posts ūüôā

Ease of navigation:

  • Might need to sort out my categories, I’ve gone a bit mad with them
  • Do I need an index? No idea what that is – maybe someone already has one, or can tell me, please??

Social Media Integration:

  • Add some sort of “Share” link on the comments
  • Find out how to upload WordPress Plugins to my WordPress Plugin folder. Grrr!
  • Find out where the hell the WordPress Plugin folder is! (Driving me potty!)
  • Maybe add Ping site
  • Add my GoodReads

Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Need to learn what to do with tags, keywords, page descriptions
  • Google Webmaster – Need to set that up

Comment Friendliness:

  • Add CommentLuv – but need to find where the WP plug-in is! *Rolls eyes*
  • Beg for someone to help me!

Ease of subscribing:

  • Check how it is all set up already re: RSS, email subscribe)


  • Blog header design – maybe with a tag line
  • Someone told me I need a addy now…Not sure if I do – Will look into it.

Well, that’s enough to be getting on with! I’m sure there will be other things I spot from the 2009 BIP archives.

And now for my writing goals!

Yesterday’s¬† Expected/Hopeful Word Count, 2,000k;

Last night I hardly had time to write, and came up with a must-do-better word count of 1,122. So, I’ve worked out that to keep at 2k a day, 12k a week, I need to catch up this week with a healthy amount of 1,498 + 2,000 = 3,498!

Starting my first full week next from Monday through to the following Monday. So, I’m taking it easy on myself this week! ūüôā

Today’s Expected/Hopeful Word Count, 3,498k;

Starting much earlier so I think there’s hope!

See you tomorrow.

Anyone else writing their word counts out daily like me?


12 thoughts on “The BIP: Task One + Why Can’t I be More Like Delia Smith

  1. LOL! You write fantastic posts! This is the best BIP post I’ve seen so far, so it is sad to see that noone has commented on it yet.

    You have written a great list of tasks. I really hope that you are crossing them off the list soon. Good luck with the project!

  2. Thanks! Well, now I don’t look so sad ūüôā And it’s lovely to hear from you!

    I’ve done a few bits and pieces, but nothing too noticeable LOL And yesterday’s dinner didn’t come out too bad, even though I forgot to put in the meat…hey, going veggie for a day is not going to kill anyone, huh? Quite healthy, in fact, I told my other half.

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  4. I also loved your post, and am sorry I haven’t been working on my own BIP tasks at all. Its something I want to do, though.

    I also want to clean up my categories/labels as I have far too many. Oh, there are many things I want to do!

  5. Hi Angelika,

    I came back to have a look at your categories but I can’t see them in your sidebar. Am I just being blind? Drop me an email jackie (at) farmlanebooks (dot) co (dot) uk and I can help you with your categories.

    Best wishes,


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