Organsised? Well, it certainly “looks” that way…

I’m attempting to write a list of things I need to aim for here, mostly writing related. I feel it’s  high time I pulled my knee-length socks up and posted  more often! Yeah, you’ve heard it all before. But this time I really mean it! 🙂

So, today I have a list of things I want to get through tonight and tomorrow:


Write 2k words. Should be easy, right?


See about joining the Blog Improvement Programme:

I may be too late, but there’s a blog site that helps you with this. If I am I can still follow along, I guess! More details will follow.

Update at least one of my word count gadgets:

Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever done that, since I installed them! This is a must. So, we can both see how well, or bad, I am doing, and to keep me motivated.

Work out how to upload plug-ins to my WordPress Plug-in folder.

Sounds obvious, but I want to install CommentLuv, and do you think I can find out where the blooming WP plug-in folder is hiding? Someone please, if you know, just leave me a comment. I’m too geeky to let this beat me, but right now I’m feeling a right idiot. I don’t want to waste anymore time hunting around for that impossible answer, with an equally impossible writing deadline. But I want CommentLuv, so, I must! LOL. er…help? Please?

Add a new Twitter logo:

I know, hardly on my top priority list, but when I have my word count for today completed I’ll work my way down the list and do what I can.

Okay, I think that is enough for now, considering my time on the computer will be limited tonight, as my other half needs it.

Organised? Well, it certainly “looks” that way. But looks, as we all know, can be deceiving.

So, until tomorrow, let’s wait and see…



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