No, I haven’t misspelled the word whip, although that could be wishful thinking. WIP stand for my Work in Progress. If you look in the third column (right hand sidebar) you can see a cute little cartoon character I have added to show you the current word count for my “main WIP”. Even though I have added 4 more progress bars in the centre column, the cheeky chappy on the right should make more progress on a daily basis; if I am sticking to my routine as I should be.

Well, that’s the plan. And just like the A Team, I love it when a plan comes together, so lets hope it does. Otherwise, both sets of cheeks will become slightly flushed and that is something I am really trying hard to avoid.

I can’t sit down and write if I can’t sit down, can I?

3 thoughts on “My WIP

  1. Think WIP is a marvelous addition, Angelika, and I wish you luck not only completing your work but having it be the very best like I know it will. But good point about not being able to sit and type if you can’t sit down, so let that be an incentive to behave and complete your work on time. 🙂

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