3 Steps to Survive the After Effects of #CampNaNoWriMo When You Need More Words – Military Style

or Three Steps to Heaven

Which drag you through hell first…

New Month New Writing Goal?

Pic Credit: Angelika Devlyn

Okay, so you’ve written 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo or CampNaNoWriMo. Am I right in thinking most of you are now looking at you manuscript and wondering what the fuck that was all about, (where did all that come from?) and what on Earth, (or hell) do I do now with this pile of nonsense?

Am I? Am I? Please tell me I am…

Well, those of you who are, I’m pleased to tell you that’s the norm! But what if you’ve got more words to go, like say another 20 – 30 thousand (Yikes!) more super words to reach a full length book of 70,000+ . [Have a stiff drink, and I’ll come back to you in a minute, when its had time to work its magic and calm you down].

Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones writing a novella of 50,000 words or less, then you can just jump right in and start editing. Easy, right? LOL

But for those of us (myself included) who need those extra 20-30k words, and the NaNoWriMo sprint has passed, we’ve still got heaps to do! [Yes, I’m talking to you, whiskey yielding writers].

Well, I’m no expert. But here’s what I plan to do.

As soon as I’ve reached 50,000 words, (and I have) I break open the fireworks, throw confetti around and annoy everyone (both writers and Wruggles*) by gloating. When that novelty has worn off, usually ten minutes later, I’m back to “Shit! What now? Stage”.  Or #SWNS.

Here’s how to cope with the #SWNS:

  1. Carry on regardless. Like those old British Carry On films, just carry on. Keep on writing. Keep getting those words down and keep on reaching for that (extended) goal, my friends.  There’s no simple way to say it. There’s no simple way to do it. You’ve done 50,000 words. Only 20,000 or 30,000 thousand more to do!  (Maybe more if you’re really glutton for punishment. Which, I must add, I often am. Just not this time).
  2. [Cue the tumbleweed – watch it gently bounce on by] There is no number two. That’s the beauty of this post. Get your stiff upper lips on, or those big girl pants, and just carry on as you were. Military style. No buzz cut required.

My new writing goal for this month

An extra 20-30k words throughout August.


Right you ‘orible lot! Let’s have some hugs,

Until next time, peeps!


P.S. Find me on #CampNaNoWriMo and #NaNoWriMo, come on! Quick march! Left, right, left right… You know the drill!

* Wruggles, are like muggles, only with an aversion to pens and writers, not wands and wizards.

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