I Have a #Patreon Page|Please Support Me | Thank you!

PATREONbannerHi Everyone!

September just flew by, and now October is here I am deep into November’s NaNoWriMo preparation. So deep, in fact, I can hardly see my desk it’s so full of notes, and files, and pictures of what I think my characters look like as I’m writing. It might be messy, but I know where everything is!  Tidy it up? I won’t be able to find anything.

Now, I have to admit, this is a new project, as I realised, after ‘winning’ at #CampNaNoWriMo in July, I had written 50,000 words of The Girl Who Broke The Rules with no prep. Looking back, that was an error on my part.  Once I started I had no real direction. I had a lot of scenes that I wanted, but in no particular order!  Of course,  lot of that can be sorted during editing, and I will go back to it soon.


However, knowing what I know now I am determined to do more planning in advance so I can keep the next 50,000 words in better order. You live and learn as they say!

This is partly why I created a Patreon page. To get more organised. To treat my writing more like a business. And to dedicate myself to fulfilling my writing goals, whilst bringing you stories, poems and treats that I hope you will love. You’ll see everything I’m working on, as I write it.  And what’s more I welcome reader participation with open arms.

But most of all it’s a fabulous way to gift those who have very kindly shown their generosity and chosen to support my creativity — with some fun rewards! It’s my way of saying the biggest THANK YOU for your awe-inspiring recognition of my work.

It’s also extremely encouraging!

Now, I won’t keep harping on about it, but I would like to explain briefly how Patreon works, especially for those of you of which this could be a totally new concept.

Creative folk, like artists, musicians, and writers (stands up and waves – that’s me!) can create new work, and with support of Patrons (fans) pay a small subscription of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences & behind-the-scenes content.

I’m new, but I already have reward levels set up for my Patrons:

  • $1, is the “You’re AMAZING” support level
  • $3, is the “You’re AWESOMEsupport level
  • $5, for the “You’re INCREDIBLE” support level
  • $10, for the “You’re PHENOMENALsupport level 

If you’d like to check it out, please visit my page here: My Patreon Page! For heaps more information about YOUR rewards and MY Goals, should you chose to support me.


Come back soon… Hugs,

Yep, that's me!