It’s a New Writing Month Ahead: What are your writing goals? #amwriting


My writing goal this month:

This March I’m keeping it simple; write 6K words a week. That’s minimum. That’s also 24,000 words each four week period. Not much to some, but enough to make a difference for me. It will keep the paddle at bay, at least!

In a four week month that’s only 857 words a day. Doesn’t sound much when you hear it like that, does it? The trick, and the hardest bit, is to write every day.

What isn’t simple is that my slave girl series and developed into two different books, so I’m getting my head around what I need to keep and what can be saved for later. Agggh!

My month in review:

I didn’t write as much as I wanted in February, as I was trying to sort out my book ready for submission. That’s been sent off and I can try and forget about that for a bit now, and concentrate on my new month’s goals.

I’ve also been concentrating on promoting more on Twitter, and that’s working out well.

What are you writing, and what are your writing goals? 

Yep, that's me!

Please leave a reply. Many thanks! :D

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