H A P P Y – N E W – Y E A R ! Happy New Writing Goals!


Let’s hope 2015 brings you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous time and may all your goals be achieved. Kinky ones, too.

Talking of which…

I’ve been wearing my thinking cap for the past few days (had to dust it down first) and came up with a new simple goal to keep my word count up to speed and my motivation strong. You can take a peek at it by following the link below, which is a PDF file.

Writing Goals 01.01.2015

In brief, I’m starting my goal out now and easy – keeping it small and achievable. I may increase it at a later date if I find it is not pushing me hard enough, but for now I know I just need to get into the swing of it and keep up the momentum from day one. Today.

My rules for this goal are also simple:

1. Write (and reach my daily word count goal) every week day.

I can be quite ‘tied up’ at weekends, if you catch my drift. So excluding Saturdays and Sundays from my writing times means that I do not put any undue pressure on myself trying to meet a deadline I will undoubtedly fail. However, if I have a spare few moments at the weekend –  and my chains are unlocked –  then any additional words will be a bonus!

2. Hmmm there is only one rule… see No.1 above.

The details of my goal break down like this:

I will write my ‘Ongoing Erotica BDSM Series’ requiring 462 words per week day

and my ‘Flash Fiction Series’ requires 200 words per week day.

So I will write a total of 662 words per day during my working week.

I will also go through Black Ice and plan the next few books. So they are thoroughly planned before attempting to write. Something to look forward to when my other projects are finished…

I’m also doing this project “Building A New Partnership between Readers and Writers”  with Holly Lisle, and a group of readers and writers are still required to help. If this sort of thing interests you and you’d like to also sign up to help, please click on this link and take a look. There will be some interesting developments and future rewards for all readers and writers involved. Exciting times.

Meanwhile, I would like to come back once a week to update you on my goal’s progress, so I do not let things slide. But hey, one step at a time…

Happy New Year Hugs,

Yep, that's me!

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