#BlogHop4Writers: Carrots as Characters?

Or, would broccoli have more personality?

Welcome the Thursday, Oct 13th  #BlogHop4Writers post!
Thursday, Oct 13th: QUESTION: Character physical descriptions, do you like a lot or a little? How do you make sure your readers see your character they way you want them to? Question provided by author: Amy Romine This is a Blog Hop!

Well,  anyone who knows me, knows I love to keep people guessing LOL

So, I wouldn’t give all my secrets away, just hint at them. *Wink! Wink!* And it’s the same for characterisation and physical description.  It’s good to describe them to give a reader an idea of your character and what s/he looks like, but I do like to leave a little to the imagination. It’s like going COMMANDO as opposed to wearing a little extra something, to tease you with. Leaving a little bit to the imagination is good. Right? 😉

I also like to drop in hints throughout a story, not have a solid paragraph explaining every detail of their face and clothes like I was taught to at school.

I’m happy if a reader sees a character differently to how I describe them, after all – it’s going to happen. How often do you go to the pictures to see a film after you’ve read and book and thought  that a character looks totally different on the screen to how you imagined him or her?
Does it matter? I don’t think so! 

What do you think about today’s #BlogHop4Writers question?

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Yep, that's me!

8 thoughts on “#BlogHop4Writers: Carrots as Characters?

  1. I like leaving things to the imagination, too, which is why I hate love scenes with every lunge, plunge and groan described. I’ve been there, done that, so I like to apply my own images and noises. *lol* Good post.

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