BLOG HOP: Creature of Habit or a Messy Monster?

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QUESTION: What’s a typical writing day like for you? Do you fit it in when you can or stick to a tight, tight schedule?
Question provided by affiliate author Angelika Devlyn.
Yes! This is my question today and I love hearing about writers and how they schedule their day, or writing hours and if they don’t what do they do to still make themselves write?

I have three major writing days and the rest is tied up with other jobs which I also do from home. It doesn’t always work out as planned, but on a good day I start writing at 9.00am on what I call a ‘key day’ and I then break for lunch at 12.00pm or 1.00pm. If things are going particularly well I continue for as long as possible, with the daily routines getting in the way intermittently. Well, a girl’s got to eat, right?  But life happens, and I do other freelancing work as well, so it’s not always so clear cut and deadlines pop up all over the place. Working from home does take a lot of organisation and is not always as fun as it sounds – it is hard work when  no one can control what you do — but you. 😀 Yes, if you choose you can turn on the telly and eat chocolates all day. Oh, and dictate your story to your secretary (dictating machine0 with a glass of wine, Barbara Cartland style until you are too squiffy to think, but that’s not very productive is it?

Unfortunately, at times, it’s hard to justify writing longer projects when getting paid seems so far away compared to money brought in by shorter freelancing work.

I routinely use a timer for everything, by the way. It helps me focus, and pulls me back when I’ve wandered off into another world of my own. One I shouldn’t be in when writing! I also NEVER put the TV on during the day. EVER.

Also, I have writing routines. I am loathe to call them schedules, and anyway, they are really a different thing! A schedule for this and that will just grind me down and suck the life out of me. Just the word “Schedule” (shiver) sends prickles of fear down my spine. Routines, however, I can handle. It’s a matter of knowing what to do and repeating it. I guess you could say I’m a creature of habit who likes to know where I stand, otherwise I’ll turn into that messy monster who will scare all my goals away! Grrr!

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I posted a link above, but if it doesn’t work – go here and hop:

What’s your answer to this question?  Can’t wait to find out!

11 thoughts on “BLOG HOP: Creature of Habit or a Messy Monster?

  1. I tend to write in spurts. Nothing will happen for a few days or a week, then I’ll suddenly write during every free moment for a few days. When the excitement wears off, another period of downtime. I’ve had downtimes lasting months and periods where I had to write 10k words a day for two weeks straight. There’s never a real schedule to it.
    Good question! Thanks for asking.

    • And it’s terribly easy, but I guess I’d starve to death if I didn’t earn some money to eat, and as I like my food, that’s a great motivator not to lounge around all day like the Queen of Sheba… being fed grapes by gorgeous young men, and… oh wait a minute… that doesn’t sound quite so bad now…

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