Meet the love of my life: Scrivener!

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TODAY’S QUESTION: What software and applications help you write your masterpieces?  What do you wish you could afford?  What do you regret buying?
Question provided by Tracy Cooper-Posey our Yahoo chat guest this week (14th April)
My answer is:
I have to admit to trying quite a few programmes promising me to get my work done and published, like some miracle grow cure for words, but alas nothing felt right for me. That is, until Scrivener and I met. Now I only have eyes for Scrivener and his beautiful interface, friendly features and his way with words. My words, admittedly, but it’s what he does with them I love.

Scrivener (software)

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He held my hand through my first novel by-

  • keeping  two separate record of my daily word count, and my overall word count, on screen for me to see all the time, which I found very encouraging
  • displaying my novel split into chapters and scenes, just a glance away
  • keeping all my world building rules, (creatures, magic, weapons, books and food and drink etc.)  along with my research and character information all in one handy place in the sidebar underneath my WIP.
  • ensuring that any words in this research section were not counted in my actual WIP
  • allowing me to upload pics to view as I worked
  • being so thoughtful of my needs he supplied me with the option to work with all this information around me or to turn it off and just have a page on the full screen and nothing else around to distract me
  • adding each scene I write to a proper looking index card for me, each with a short summary automatically added from my words (and this looks so cool as it’s like a real pinboard with index cards – easily moved around, which I love as I’m a very visual person 😉
  • letting me add key words to a pad I could have on screen by my side for quick reference for those magical names and places I made up and spell them correctly the second time round
  • he also helped me remember lots of other things, like how many towers I had in the Black Ice Training Ground and what they were called, and how to spell those tricky magical words in an instant!
  • even keeping this all readily available for book two! No need to dig out my notes, it’s all here, just where he left it.
  • You should see what he does with my edits! Your mind would boggle!
  • If only he could write it for me, too!

Yes we went everywhere together. Scrivener is my hero. My dream come true.  I’d be brokenhearted if I lost him. Fancy giving him a go? You can check him out over here:

Yep, that's me!

13 thoughts on “Meet the love of my life: Scrivener!

  1. Looks like a very helpful tool, Angelika. I imagine it’s invaluable when a lot of research is required. also the fact that scenes do not necessarily have to be written in oorder is interesting. Thanks for sharing

  2. I’m that old dog that doesn’t want to learn anymore new tricks. I’ve got everything I need as far as writing. I’ve already sacrificed all the brain cells I can afford learning new and innovative things. Love my Kindle and puter. I’m a happy camper. 🙂

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