Freebie: Mini Plot Writing Course!

I have news!!!

Of a free mini writing course… (as if you didn’t already notice above!)

For anyone who knows me you will know how much I bang on about the full Holly Lisle courses,

How to Revise your novel (HTRYN)


How to Think Sideways (HTTS)

Both of which I am an affiliate, but only because I thoroughly recommend these courses and can confidently say if you don’t love them (you’re mad?) you can stop your payments at any time, no quibble, blah, blah blabety blah! (I’m sure you’ll check the small print before you join), but honesty, Holly Lisle knows her stuff and if for some reason you don’t agree with me – you can easily stop your course payment.

But listen up!

This next link is a brand new mini-course and it’s totally free! No strings.

You can get something for 5$, although to be honest I just skipped that myself (because I already own that) and asked to be taken straight through to the FREE MINI PLOT WRITING COURSE!

And no joke, it is totally free. Once I signed up and then confirmed my subscription, I was immediately sent to my student download page and lo and behold my first lesson was just sitting there! Plus The Plot Outline Mini-Course Text Book.

Yes, my lovelies, this is your lucky day!
How cool is that? If this sort of writing course turns you on, I thoroughly recommend you try it. Remember it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

Apart from, perhaps, your knickers, but that’s got nothing to do with the course, Holly…

Or little me.


Yep, that's me! Holly Says: It’s now ALL-pdf, there are worksheets, and the lessons are in a
membership site you can log into at any time. Once you’ve
completed the course, the lessons will stay there for you, and
even if your hard drive goes the way of all things, you’ll still be
able to get them back.

Hey, hop on by and say hi!


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