Marketing: The Dreaded ‘M’ Word: Marmite

I want this marmite : only 50 special pots with engraved silver lids at £145 each. I can dream.

Marketing; It’s a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!

Most authors hate this part of the job. I won’t say I’m one of them, but I am fully aware that time spent promoting books already published is time I could be writing new books to sell. I still enjoy it, though. It makes me smile.


To me I feel it’s because marketing is all about people. Online may not be face-to-face contact (which in a normal sales position is the main part of the job) but it’s full of people! And we all know how much I love to chat.

I’ve come to meet a wide range of people, both fans and other authors, many of which I consider to be good friends now. How can work be this fun and still be called work?


Online I market my work many ways:

Seem like a lot? I’ve only just skimmed the surface! There are so many promotional opportunities out there. I’d advise picking a few of your favourites from the true social marketing (SMM) sites (Twitter / Facebook) and also a few niche groups relevant to your field, and focus on them, so you do not spread yourself around too thinly.

My favourite way of promoting has to be when I am invited, or search out, to be interviewed on another blog. And it just so happens I have made an appearance at Brigit’s World yesterday. Please follow the link and come and read about my latest antics!

Do drop by and say hello, I’d love to see you there.



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