BIP! BIP! Now Who Feels Like the RoadRunner? Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel Baby!

OKAY!  Here is the week 2: Bip! A little late, but hey, suddenly things have got out of control round my way. Like I’ve run off the cliff Wiley Coyote style and I’m still running in mid air going nowhere. I’m just about at that ‘uh-oh!’ stage.

But I’m busying doing the things I love, so I’m happy and it’s not really a problem. I would have liked to have taken a proper part in this week’s task, with my BIP! BIP! (Beep! Beep!) blog post idea, but hey. The early bird, and all that.

Here were a few helpful things to get my creative juices flowing when writing a blog post title to attract attention:

  • Remember your audience
  • Get even more specific
  • Don’t use your first idea as your title (but this rule can be broken)
  • Consider the magazine article, blog post, or story

So, as much as I like these titles below, they really needed a blog post that was relevant to go with them…still, thought I’d share some of them for a laugh.

I’ve SEEN Elvis! Some people still do!

Blog for KING and COUNTRY! (Would work while we are on the Elvis theme).

Elvis is my Next-door Neighbour! (Well consider this. The Memphis-Graceland RV Park & Campground is located on 19 acres just off Elvis Presley Boulevard behind Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel. How close do you want to get?)

I have Elvis Presley’s Love Child! (Well, I’m sure someone does!)

I am Elvis Presley’s Love Child! (I only moved to England to keep my identity a secret).

The King and the Frog Princess… (And I sleep on a pea too).

Okay, now to make them relevant.

Well, easy. I can write an Elvis haiku, flash fiction, a funny story etc to celebrate his birthday, or mourn on the anniversary of his death. I can even write a post about BIP! to prove a point. Oh, I just did. So, as you can see, the possibilities are endless. I mean, wouldn’t you love to see the photo’s I have of Elvis putting his bins out in his punishment pj’s?

To be honest, being a writer I’m not restricted to any type of blog posts as such. In fact, I find that to think of the title first is actually a very creative way to think of something new to talk about. For instance – did you know that it is Elvis Week 2010 August 10 – 16, 2010? No, I bet you didn’t!

Here are some Elvis facts for you:

On Wednesday 11th August 2010 — Guests are invited to tour Graceland Mansion and the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum while simultaneously answering trivia questions for which answers can be found on the Graceland tour.  (Bit of a trek for me from England. Can’t I just shout?)

Girls were frightened of him because his appearance was so unconventional. (Seriously! LOL)

He runs his own blog!

He hated fish and wouldn’t allow Priscilla to eat it at Graceland. (I wonder what he thought of crab sticks then?)

Old Shep still reduces me to tears…  (Yep, I know — that’s the wonder of me).

Elvis is Norse for “all wise” (Was it wise to eat that last burger, huh?)

And on that note.

What’s your ideal blog post title? C’mon! Get out your blue suede shoes and give us your best little jiggle, a whole lot of shakin. Who knows what might fall out? I’m thinking good story and blog post titles, not brain cells.



Looking forward to a few good girl points for this post, since its been a loooooong time coming.

6 thoughts on “BIP! BIP! Now Who Feels Like the RoadRunner? Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel Baby!

  1. Hei ! my friend , l like your bloge and your article. you give me a good info , i will follow you!

    action is character,if we never did anything, we wouldn’t be anybody.

    your gift


  2. Hey Angel,

    Saw your link at the Crash Revisions Course and thought I’d pop in and say hiya!

    How are things on that side of the pond. My husband and I lived in Edinburgh for 8 years but the Home Office decided last March that they had had enough of us. We were sent back Stateside in April 2009. We are really homesick for the UK!!

    Good luck on getting your revisions done!


  3. Thanks for popping by Eddie,
    lovely to see you here.

    Sorry to hear you are so homesick. Maybe one day they’ll let you back in? (That’s not really supposed to sound too cheeky…) The Crash Revision Course was a godsend! Just what I needed and just at the right time – and free! How lucky was that?!

    Meanwhile, I shall have a word with the Home Office and tell them what I think of their rude behaviour. And wag a finger, or two, at them!

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