About Me

Angelika Devlyn


About Me:

1. Saucy little minx – Author – Half Angel – Half Naughty Little Devil

2. Author of erotica. Making a come back. Writing fast. Editing hard. Loving the Writer’s Life – Once More.


Written 5th April, 2017.


Follow me as I try to make it back into the publishing world after a serious break, where life just got so hectic I didn’t have the energy to even live properly. Okay, that sounds a bit over dramatic, but you get the gist. Life happens. Sometimes it’s shit. But I’m a fighter; ready to jump back into the writing game and hit the ground running.

I also like control. But that’s a completely different story. Oh, and I’m a serial list -maker. I’m uncomfortable with chaos. Lists were always my calming pill of choice. But I plan to change that. I need to move out of my comfort zone and catch up with long forgotten friends. Their names are excitement and triumph.

Here’s the thing:

When I wasn’t writing I felt like I’d taken the blue pill. I had a massive whole in my life. Like Alice I had slipped down a rabbit hole, my hopes and dreams alongside me. Now I need more. That elusive Writer’s Wonderland of Success is my goal and I’m determined to achieve it before the year is out.

To clarify, here are a few of my favourite lines from a very famous film, which I am sure you will already know:


“The ‘blue pill’ is Nietzsche’s slave morality. You do not decide your fate, others do. Blend in; do not stand out. Modify yourself to fit the universe and deny your senses in favour of your beliefs. Accept. Tolerate. Endure. Do not think.

The ‘red pill’ is the master morality. You don’t like something? CHANGE IT. You have the power to create whole universes if you only have the will. This makes you a god. You have to accept nothing as long as you are willing to fight and win, never give up, and probably die. It is all yours: the heights of triumph and the depths of despair. “

Make Each Day Count:

Take the red pill with me, follow your one true goal, and change your life. We all die in the end, so let’s LIVE with NO REGRETS, and make the most of the time we have left – TOGETHER.

Okay, drama over. Now back to writing. GO FOR IT!


Yep, that's me!

Want to hang out? Follow me on Twitter, it’s my second home. Speak to you soon!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for checking out my short story! It looks like you have quite a thing going for you. I’m just getting started so I appreciate your support. ūüíč

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