#CampNaNoWriMo Swingers!

Howdi Partners!

No, I’m not American, but I’m celebrating 4th of July when you beat up us pesky Brits. Happy Holidays, guys! Hope you’re having a kinky time.



Okay, just a quick post to say I am actually doing #CampNaNoWrimo! (I know, I can’t believe it either). I’m actually doing pretty well. Here’s a screenshot of tonight’s scribbling:


This new book is going to be called, The Girl Who Broke the Rules. At least that’s the working title.

Amy and I are in cabin Breakin’ the Rules (although we’re actually very obedient good girls, we like to pretend we’re not*).

Added: We now have a new campsite member joining our cabin. The prolific, Devon Lane!

If you’d like to join us I think you still can.  PM me via http://campnanowrimo.org and I’ll send you an invite!

Meanwhile, here’s a kinky interlude:


Okay, look at my stats! (Official evidence for the boss man). Giver of gifts…

Day one!  Saturday 1st July 2017


Day Two – Sunday 2nd July 2017


Day Three – Monday 3rd July 2017


Only 45,178 words to go, huh?

Until next time, folks!




P.S. *If you believe that, well…  hahaha!

P.P.S. When this is all over, I’m going to treat myself to something… but I’m only allowed if I complete 50K.

P.P.P.S What should I get? A treat or a spanking? I vote for a treat…



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