My Nice Beaver, Instagram & New #Wordcountjournal #100Days #wcjnl

Nice Beaver!

I’ve been busy beavering away with my writing, but have come across something that bugs me. When I am using Scrivener my daily word count total is not necessarily correct.

It’s a writer-y issue, and whereas I realise it’s really no biggie to some, there is something in my make-up, my anality  if you will, which makes this fact truly, fecking, annoying.

Am I a perfectionist, or just simply anal? Is there a difference?

Yes, it is a true account of my final word count for the book I am writing when it all adds up together, but it is NOT the same as the amount I have written in a day.


Because if I edit as I go along it reduces my daily word count. So, for example, today I could write 5,000 spanking new brilliant words, and delete 8,000 previous written words I no longer feel are quite as awesome. And what do you know? I’m in daily word count deficit land. In fact, I actually owe words! (But I just spent 3 hours writing 5k, I scream!)

Not good when you need to prove to your boss, you’ve been writing every day…

I was discussing this angering fact with an author friend of mine, Amy Romine, and her wise and helpful advice was —

Don’t edit as you go along!

[Slaps forehead]

Believe me, I know I shouldn’t. It is something I am trying so very hard not to do. It slows me down and stops the flow of the story.

My Infinite Wisdom

However, in my infinite wisdom, and anality  (Yep, there’s that word again — I love it!) I cannot help but go back and re-read every line. Yeah, I know. So spank me!

Our Instagram Idea #wcjnl


So, after much more discussion Amy and I have come up with a cool, Instagram user friendly solution — #wcjnl — to write our word counts down in a notebook every day for #100days, take a photo of it, and post it daily to Instagram as evidence.

Yes, I know this is purely based on trust, but what would we gain if we lied? Apart from pretty notebooks with finely decorated artwork and more pics on Instagram, that is.

Plus, just thinking about it makes me want to write more, so I don’t have to write a big fat zero every day. Now I’ve told you, I’ve got to go through with it.

Anyway, we will see how this goes, but if you’d like to follow our progress we are using various hashtags that are #100days related. Heaps more below. Hopefully this post should help explain (give you warning) what you will soon be seeing. In fact, today, I grabbed a notebook and started to decorate the first page of my #wordcountdiary . Or #wordcountjournal for you Americans out there! It was both exciting and strangely relaxing…

Here’s a picture of my creativity:


Nothing better than getting creative! I’m no artist, but I love to doodle. Every adult should do it!

instagramLogoCome and tell us what you think. Or perhaps join in with us?

You can follow us both on Instagram here:
Amy Romine:
Angelika Devlyn:

However, we’ll be posting to our blogs on a daily basis, too. Since some old fossils I know “don’t do Instagram” and want evidence the old codger, I mean old school, blogging way…

[Smiles sweetly]

Wish us luck!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!


Yep, that's me!

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6 thoughts on “My Nice Beaver, Instagram & New #Wordcountjournal #100Days #wcjnl

  1. Am i rude if i say that i sure hope you are anal?
    It might just be because i never got to understand the true meaning of the word. I just let my dirty fantasy do the work for me.
    (That was my last comment here before i got kicked)

  2. I could go on saying something about your undoubtedly very nice beaver dear Miss Devlyn.
    Up till now i new only one single meaning of the word, which had little to do with the cute little mammals of that name. Nor with a hard working person like you.
    I’m sure your beaver is delicate and fine though.

  3. I can’t not edit as I write. I’ll be writing along and suddenly realize that I’ve got something wrong in the time-space continuum of my story. I then create a new version of the story in Scrivener, go back to the beginning and edit the story until I’ve got all my ducks back in a row. I’m about to start the third version of “Tell Me All the Details”.

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