Save on emails: wind up a friend #WednesdayWisdom


Good news! I’ve finally got the rights to one of my books returned back to me (actually it was the first book I ever wrote) so although it’s rather sad to have Amazon take it down (sniff) I’m pleased the New Year is showing good signs of moving onwards and upwards. More excited squeals of joy coming your way soon… #eroticarocksyoursocksoff

Meanwhile, below is a snippet of my absolutely must do, without fail, list today. Or else, I’m in for a very long, ouchy spanking…


I just hope Dev doesn’t read this…  (Actually, if he does then I won’t have to bother with emailing him first!) *Snigger*  #WednesdayWisdom Save on emails: wind up a friend.

Meanwhile, today I am listening to a song that I cannot get out of my head. It was in a horror film I watched last night called “Incarnate” (2016) with Aaron Eckhart staring as the lead role. The tune is by Awolnation and is called ‘Sail’. I chose this link as it shows you the words, which I like.

Well, that’s my half-arsed contribution to #WednesdayWisdom!

Happy Wednesday Hugs,

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