Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Only 52 weeks until Christmas..
Which reminds me… you know I was going bloody well to take things nice and easy and not impose heeps of die hard goals and New Year Resolutions?  My lovely friend @AmyJRomine has introduced me to a new Facebook writing prompt group where we are challenged with the task of writing one story a week from a writing prompt, sent to us weekly. Fuck me. How could I refuse this test of character?
This is big. It’s basically a story of 2k-10k a week, and there are punishments (now you know why I am doing this!) for not submitting (love that word, too) on time.
A book a week? That should give me plenty to blog about and help me with my first New Year Resolution of blogging more.  Not like last time.  My last New Year’s Day Resolution was to blog more.I think that was the last you heard from me for a year…  *laughs*
The Force is with me. I’m one with the Force!  The Force is with me. I’m one with the Force!
(Guess what film I’ve just been to see…)
So, until next time, enjoy your New Year’s Day celebrations and stay cool.
Yep, that's me!

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