Merry Bloody Christmas!

Hello there!

Yeah, I know. Where have I been? What time do I call this? And why do I treat this place like a bloody hotel coming and going whenever I please with no thought for anyone but myself. <Rolls eyes>

Like I said, yeah, I know, but last week sucked, and to be honest so did all the others in 2016. What a shower of shit! On top of that, Christmas is almost upon us and another New Year is threatening to drag me to hell and back once more. I mean, surely I’m not the only one who’s a bit suspicious of this ‘Everything-is-going-to-be-great-in-the-New-Year’ attitude, right? Because it sure as hell never goes great for me.

I don’t know about you, but every bloody year I spend the week after Christmas full of hopes and dreams, then BAM! It all turns to shit by the first week in January. And now, Storm Barbara has decided to put in an appearance, and Christmas is nearly upon us again and I’m not even ready for that, let alone a brand spanking New Year of fun and frolics.


So, although my life has not exactly taken a trip on the 2016 fun bus route, (more like I’m stuck on the the M25 and going round in circles trying to find the exit) I’m going to pull up my long white socks, adjust my collar and give it my best shot. Yeah, I’m a sheep. Baaa! But honestly, can it really get any worse?

Past experience has taught me that every New Year I tend to go all out with goals blazing and a schedule that quite frankly would leave me no time to breathe. (And not in a good way, either, I can tell you!) This year I plan on keeping things simple and slowly improve my creative output. One hellish week at a time.

Last week my goal was to get my website back up and running again, and to collate and update all my current social networking sites into one area, so I know where I am supposed to bloody be by the time the New Year arrives. The devil is in the details, as they say. Fuck knows why. But sure as hell, I’ve jumped on the handcart anyway, a glutton for punishment.

Places you can find me :

My Website :: (here)
My Facebook Profile ::
My Facebook Page :: BDSM Stories
My Twitter :: @AngelikaDevlyn
My Triberr BDSM Stories Bloggers Sharing Group ::
My Google+ Page :: Profile

This week, I’m keeping it simple, and just plan to blog again before the week is done. I am also planning to blog weekly to get into a routine. In the background I’m writing again too, but have not imposed any minimum word counts just yet — I don’t want to scare myself off. Besides, anything is better than nothing, at least until I am whipped back into action. And that, as they say, is a totally different story.

Merry Bloody Christmas!


Yep, that's me!


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