Well, well, well! What have we ‘ere then?


Go here to start the treasure hunt for a chance to win a KINDLE!


Okay, as now I am in the middle of a book blog tour, raising awareness of my latest writing ‘plum’ (success) a story I have in the anthology, Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road I had little time to write for Nano… I now know never to jump into Nano when I have a book launch to prepare for and participate in! LOL

Just in case you didn’t know the tour link in the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road logo, in the sidebar on the right, is where the tour actually starts. (Also seen above!)

I’m going to be featured twice – once over at Micheal and Season’s blog, Blossom and Thorn,  on the 5th December, and then everyone is coming here to party on 13th December, to hunt for the ‘Holiday Hat #12 out of 19 to  be found.

The idea is that you hunt for as many ‘Holiday Hat’ book covers as you can find and then list them all at the end of the book tour and send them in to Sassy Brit @gmail.com – to be entered into the draw for a chance to WIN the KINDLE!

Alongside the Kindle competition, there are also daily prizes to win. Everyone hosting a tour will put up a different prize each day of the tour. So there are lots of prizes up for grabs, as well as the main Kindle.

I’m giving away a copy of my ebook, Black Ice to one lucky commenter on 13th! 🙂 Closing date to leave a comment is 22nd Dec 2011.

I do hope you will join in! Happy hunting!

Yep, that's me!

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