Last chance to get this super discounted Holly Lisle Course!

Straight up. I’m sharing this because I am an affiliate, but also because this is WORTH IT and a VERY GOOD deal. I would never recommend anything I hadn’t tried myself and I only wish I had discovered her courses sooner!

Novelist Holly Lisle has not only made a career writing books, but has a passion for teaching other writers all the tips and tricks she knows. To celebrate her 50th birthday, as well as the beginning of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), she has sweetened the deal on her popular writing course, How to Revise Your Novel.

You might not be finished yet, but this course is closing down. Read on!

You’ve finished your novel, but now what? In How to Revise Your Novel, Holly shows you how to make a one-pass revision of your novel, streamlining the process and saving endless hours of rewrite after rewrite.

Most writers, including most professional writers, do revisions like a cosmetic surgeon trapped in an ER.

They’re doing their thing on a patient who isn’t breathing, who has bled from everywhere, and whose heart has stopped… and they can’t figure out why that nose job isn’t bringing him back to life.

– Almost every writer does revision wrong, by starting on page one, line one, and “fixing” the story one sentence at a time.

– Almost every revision kills most of what’s good in a novel without fixing what’s bad.

– Almost every first draft never makes it to second draft.

– And almost every first novelist abandons that first novel forever, tucking it (and the opportunity to learn the most amazing part of writing fiction—how to turn first draft-dross into final-draft gold) in a box under the bed.

How to Revise Your Novel will show you how to do it right. To find out more here!

Until November 2nd at 10:00 AM (EST), Holly is giving everyone that enrolls in How to Revise Your Novel a bonus. Just for signing up, Holly is giving away two of her popular video courses – THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue and Subtext ($50 value) and THE WRITING CRAFT: How To Motivate Yourself (another $50 value) .

In THE WRITING CRAFT: Dialogue and Subtext, you will learn:

– What subtext is, and what it isn’t—and how this simple definition opens the doors for you to create rich, multilayered characters in stories that interweave suspense, hidden action, deception, triumph, hopes and dreams with depth you’ve never achieved before.

– How to break apart subtext into its three elements—thoughts, words, and actions—and how, once you have the whole thing in pieces, you can easily adapt each piece to do different things for you. Talking about the weather will no longer just be talking about the weather.

– How to put the pieces back together again in four ways that will allow you to use subtexts in any situation where you need it: from a character sitting alone in a room to a group of characters enmeshed in a heated argument. Get EXACTLY the effect you want from every dialogue—internal or external, solo or group—your characters have.

– Finally, you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice. Using the provided worksheet, you will begin writing dialogue with subtext today.

In THE WRITING CRAFT: How To Motivate Yourself, you will learn:

– Exercises that will allow you to discover what’s been keeping you from achieving your goals—because, believe me, you have reasons, and if you’re willing to look, you’ll discover that they’re good ones.

– You’ll discover how to give yourself better reasons for doing the things you want.

– You’ll discover your right to be motivated—and if that sounds weird, realize that many people never accomplish what they want in life because they don’t think they HAVE the right to be motivated.

– You’ll learn how to separate what you really want from things you think you should want (things that leave you feeling guilty when you don’t pursue them, but never win your heart).

– You’ll take a torch to your excuses—AFTER you learn what you get out of hanging on to them.

These bonuses will only be available until November 2nd at 10:00 (EST). To find out more about How to Revise Your Novel.

Seriously, Holly Lisle is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Writing wise, that is! LOL And you only have tomorrow to let her help you too! Trust me. I’m not a doctor, but I sure know a good deal when I see one.

Happy writing! I’ve done 1,749 words today out of my target 1,666. Yeah, I’m smokin’. I just hope I can keep it up!  Add me as a buddy if you are playing too, and I’ll add you.

So long, buddies,


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