Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road: Alternative Anthology.I know! I know! Rarely do I update my blog unless it’s a Thursday and #BlogHop4Writers day (which it isn’t) but here I am!  


You should be.

Well, what’s wrong? I hear you ask, as you place a hand on my forehead and eye up the thermometer laying innocently on the shelf.

Nothing. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. I’m on tip-top form and I’ve even been doing some “series” book planning and site updates.

You want proof? I whine, quickly hiding the thermometer behind my back when you are not looking.

Here you go. Check out the recently updated banner and twitter section to your right, in the sidebar. —> Also, check out the ‘My Books’ page. It’s updated with more information about the anthology my latest story is in. Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road.  (Apt  or what?) 

As for writing… it’s more planning at this stage, but I’ve pulled up my long white socks and grabbed a purple pen to jot down everything I want to add in the rest of the Dark Kingdom Chronicles series…  *Big Grin* 

This time next week, (ahem!) — roughly– I hope to have something more concrete down to show you. 

And no, that doesn’t mean concrete pants. Tsk! Tsk! 

So, that’s my story… what’s yours?  

Please leave a reply. Many thanks! :D

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