Extreme Blog Hopping: A Dangerous Sport

Welcome to my response to this week’s author blog hop!

Thursday, May 5th 2011:
QUESTION: What lengths would you go to, to get noticed as an author/writer? Have you ever, or can you come up with the most extreme idea you can push your imagination to in how to market yourself and your book? (Or future unpublished book if you are not already published). Maybe what seems too extreme or whacky might actually work… Lets have fun and think outside the box for this!
Question provided by the lovely AR affiliate author Karen Cote.
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This is a great question. The first thing I’d have to say is
1) Bungee jump from the top of Big Ben dressed as one of my characters, with a big banner behind me displaying my wares, and a stack of books on standby below!

2) My most favourite idea is this: The next time they close a major motorway in my area I’ll nip down there on foot with my foldaway table and chair under my arms. Then I’ll set them up in the middle of the road get out my paper and purple pen and start writing.

From Wikimedia Commons
When a policemen and a camera crew come along to ask me what I am doing I will flash them my best smile and tell them truthfully just like the good girl I am.

“Why, Sir, I thought you’d never ask! I’m writing my second book of the series The Dark Kingdom Chronicles. If you haven’t already read the first, here’s a free autographed copy for your reading pleasure. Sir.”

Then as I passed a copy to him I’d hold it up with the cover facing the camera a little longer than necessary, so they had time to zoom in.

It’s been done before, and recently, too. Not sure why he did it, but there was a man on the news filmed standing in the middle of the empty M1 Motorway in a blue dressing gown and slippers ironing his shirt. Extreme Ironing (and I looked this up) is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”

What lengths would you go through to get noticed? How about Extreme Writing?  

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Yep, that's me!

18 thoughts on “Extreme Blog Hopping: A Dangerous Sport

  1. LOL Angelika, this is just too funny for words, and I never saw that piece about the guy on the M1. you’d look cute out there with your table and chair.
    Mind you, you’d have all the male drivers ogling, so the copper may not be too pleased if you instigated another traffic pile-up!!
    Great debate question.

    • Well, since I was thinking outside the box, at what I could do, rather than what I will do – Big Ben is a little bit out of my comfort zone. I suffer from vertigo LOL

      And the very mention of impaling myself… Ouch-ie!

  2. Bungee jump off a safer building, please, but the problem with that is you don’t stay down long, so have a copy of your book to drop when you’ve gone the length of your ‘rope’.

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