Author Blog Hop: Genres- Drowing Not Waving!

Steampunk desktop.

Image via Wikipedia STEAMPUNK COMPUTER!

I actually love this subject and it really got me thinking about genre flipping in films. Flipping or crossing one genre with another (or several) to get something different. Or at least new and exciting!

For example: Starwars is science fiction, but it has a lot of the cowboy western themes.
The Wild, Wild West with Will Smith, was a western incorporating comedy and steampunk!
The Stepford Wives, a comedy thriller? With robots? Science fiction?
Lord of the Rings is fantasy, which has a lot of everything in it!
You can even have science fiction, with a paranormal element in a contemporary setting! There are so many to choose from, how do we only choose two?

Romance itself has some wonderful choices:

There’s chick-lit, christian, contemporary, dark fantasy, erotica, glitz-glamour, fantasy,  historical, multi-cultural, paranormal, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, sensual, spicy, sweet, steampunk, young adult — to name but a few.
I don’t normally like a military theme on its own, but toss in some romance, werewolves, vampires and a science fiction setting IN space or on the moon, and you’ve got something completely different!

I  love dark fantasy, paranormal, erotic romance, with a bit of steampunk thrown in. Does that make it historical, too? And what of action? Suspense?


I’m drowning under a wave of genres!

A good question put to the group by Spotlight Author, Kiki Howell, and it really got me thinking. To join the blog hop this week, click here!

What do you think of genre crossing and what works and doesn’t?

Yep, that's me!

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