Most Important Attributes to Remaining Sane as a Writer?

Good afternoon! Today’s blog hop question is:

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

1. An endless supply of coffee helps!

2. A thick skin. Especially my genre.

3. A long spell of solitude. Sounds like a prison sentence!

4. A sense of humour – not to take myself too seriously

5. An imaginative and curious mind.

6. The ability to write AND finish a book.

7. The capacity to tell oneself there is ‘no such thing as writers block‘ and believe it enough to push past that blank page!  (It’s called lying to myself!)

8. The knowledge of the good days. The days it’s an absolute joy to discover yourself in the zone, on a roll, in the flow of words and I feel like I just do not know where they are coming from, but it excites me and I love it!

9. My timer! Helps keep me focussed.

10. My ever-changing play list! (Background music)

11. A childlike approach to writing stories, which lets me play with words and doesn’t allow me to think that maybe I should be doing something more ‘grown up’. 😉

What’s your idea of staying sane?

Yep, that's me!

8 thoughts on “Most Important Attributes to Remaining Sane as a Writer?

    • I hear you, Megan! It’s either something that works for you or doesn’t. At times music with lyrics can be too much for me! Distracting if I’m in that sort of ‘easily distracted’ sort of mood, which quite often I am LOL

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