Author Blog Hop: Keeping Fit Whilst Writing…Or Resistance Training (I must resist that 4th Pie)


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This week’s Author Blog Hop asks:

How do you keep fit, whilst writing?

Okay! It’s taken me quite a few days to get to writing this post as I couldn’t type for laughing. Angelika Devlyn and the words “keep fit” are not usually words placed in that order so close together in the same sentence. I did in fact review a video that I did use quite a lot. It’s called the Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies, and you can read my review here! But when I looked back to get the link, I was horrified that was way back in March last year. Almost a year ago! Yikes!

Obviously, I am NOT a DUMMY, otherwise I would be using it more. Huh?

So, in answer to this week’s question, I can shamefully admit I have become rather lazy in the exercise department. Unless you call running away from spankings exercise enough.

But that is all about to change. Not the dodging a spanking, but my quite successful avoidance of exercise. I’ve decided I should be looking after myself a little better, so I’m going to dust off that DVD and give it a spin. I’ve also recently acquired one of those big rubber bands I can stretch in different directions, which are supposed to cure a number of ailments, like Bingo Wings! Not that I have them of course. *cough*

Anyway, this rubber band, that I’m sure comes with a technical name which fitness fanatics may hunt me down for not mentioning, really is just a very large, thick rubber band strategically sewn in various places so your limbs can get tangled up in it. I mean, so you can stick a foot in one end and a hand in the other, sort of thing.

I find the best way to use it is to pull it at both ends very hard until I can feel the tension in both arms really working my muscles. Then, still holding it tight, aim it a someone’s butt and then let go of one end as though you were shooting a bow and arrow.

So far, it’s the best, and most fun way to have exercise by far! Although, it also helps to have my running shoes on at the same time! Another exercise bonus.

What’s your deviliish delight? I mean, how do you keep fit, whilst writing?

Added: I have since discovered it is something to do with RESISTANCE Training. Now, there’s a blog post waiting to be written…


Yep, that's me!

16 thoughts on “Author Blog Hop: Keeping Fit Whilst Writing…Or Resistance Training (I must resist that 4th Pie)

  1. Fitness… it’s kinda one of those do or die things. I have a little under a hundred pounds to lose. I set my computer up so I can stand at it a lot. Dance around! I try to get out of the house and walk. I have weights in my room. I bought a jump rope. I do the yard work. I mowed the lawn with a push mower today. But goodness… I have so much work to do!


    • I’m surprised you have any energy or time left to write, after all that hard work, Nix! LOL I do like the idea of dancing around in my break times… I may have to turn up the music and have a quick dance to iTunes… right now! 😉 Thanks for your comment, Nix!

  2. That is so funny, Angelika and I definitely want to know more about this rubber ring – sounds intriguing. As a lapsed Pilates exerciser,too, you’ve made me think that I should consider taking it up again. what dvd do you use?

    • Oh, Megan… it’s now a rubber ring? LOL I can just see me paddling out to sea with this round me, but as far as exercising with rubber ring? I may be able to sit in it and eat a biscuit. 😉

      I used… or should say now use… Pilates Weight Loss Workout For Dummies [DVD], which is currently only £3.97 over at Amazon. I should be getting commission. LOL

  3. Angelika, I have bought so many get fit quick contraptions and videos that BBH threatens me with dire consequences if another one enters our house!

    Instead, I now swim, the only exercise I even begin to like, which, when I do properly, puts me in my own space and time (endorphines are great!).

    However should you want the great thigh exerciser ot the fab tummy reducer, I will happily hand them over 🙂

    • For me swimming is too hard work getting to the swimming pool… so, in my case I do prefer exercising at home, dd, but that takes willpower and dedication to stay out of the freezer where the ice-cream is kept! It’s a no win situation.

      Oh, I don’t know…the great thigh exerciser and the fab tummy reducer sound like nice names for scary contraptions! LOL

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