13 Top Songs on my current “music-to-write-to” playlist

princessonkeyboardand… Thursday Thirteen Post.

My current ‘music-to-write-to’ playlist is a right mixture. It is also very changeable depending on my mood, and what scene or character I am writing about. Sometimes the music I like, which fits, is music I would not usually go out and buy… AND no.13 is a classic example of this LOL

So this week’s play list goes…

1.  House of Wolves – My Chemical Romance

2. Apocalypse Please – Muse

3. Extreme WaysMoby

4. Teenage KicksThe Undertones

5. The Sharpest Lives – My Chemical Romance

6. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – Gosling

7. Keep the Dream Alive – Oasis

8. Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

9. Dreamboat 730 – Ringside

10. The Meaning of Soul -Oasis

11. Love the Way You Lie – part II – Eminem & Rihanna

12. I Don’t love you – My Chemical Romance

13. Rule the World – Take That (*embarrassing, but true! LOL)

Tomorrow, stay tuned, for my Friday Flash Fiction post – yes, I have pre-prepared it for once. And no, I will not forget to post it this week. *laughs and crosses fingers*

Hugs, guys!

Yep, that's me!

9 thoughts on “13 Top Songs on my current “music-to-write-to” playlist

  1. Seriously weird lol. I once dreamt I was in bed with both of the Oasis boys. Don’t know why. I loathe them. Interestingly enough, EWminem also featured heavily in a dream. a dream that went on to become my Novel, Cold, Colfd Heart {I ditcged Slim Shady and replaced him with Darren Hayes}. I once sported the same hair cut as Moby so I suppose we do share similar tastes.


    • How funny, Viv! You crack me up. 😉 But how could you ditch Slim Shady? *laughs*

      You loathe the Gallagher brothers? Excuse me, I feel a little bit faint… I must sit down… (And I’ve only just ‘stood up’!)

      Oh well, at least I’ve got one less person to get past to get to them! 😉

      Thanks for your comment… I’m on my way to read yours now. In between the dishes…

  2. Great list, Angie, but where are Barry Manilow and Donny Osmond? Certainly it was an oversight to leave off these edgy, hardcore rockers. 😉

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