Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving over here in England, we are celebrating in it with a fun chat over at our regular Thursday Alternative-Read.com group.


I am grateful for the fun things in life: love, hugs, kisses, parties, stories and competitions !

Author friend Nix Winter has a competition going on at the moment to celebrate Thanksgiving and the release of her new book – right now in fact. Just comment for a chance to win: http://www.nixwinter.com


I am grateful for having some great friends and a loving family. They truly deserve a medal for putting up with me. When I say friends, I am also counting my online friends. I’ve met an awesome amount of people I get on so well with over the net, and considering we’ve never met face-to-face, it always amazes me how friendly and caring they are – and how much I’d miss them if the Internet suddenly disappeared. Hugs to you all!


Then there’s pets, technology, erotica, zombie books LOL you might laugh, but I have a whole lot of things ‘simple’ things to thank for, and zombie books are my thing at the moment. I cannot get enough of them. Horror. Deadies, And a plot to die for.


I have so much to thank for I couldn’t possibly list them here, but it’s certainly made me think about the people I have in my life and how grateful I am to be a part of their lives.


Most of all I AM SO GLAD OF MY READERS – you keep me going with  your words of encouragement and love.


Love you all. I have to go to bed now, so sleep tight!

Thank you, everyone. Have a great Thanksgiving!






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