Halloween Thursday 13: Are you superstitious? Or just plain weird.

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My Thirteen Worst Superstitions of all time! Are you superstitious?

1. Breaking mirrors: 7 years bad luck if you do. No thanks!

2. Walking under ladders: A can of paint of the head or something much, much worse? I’d rather not take the risk!

3. The number of the beast: 666 I can’t help it but it just makes me uneasy! Weird, I know. Maybe it’s the devil in me…

4. Break a leg: This well known idiom in theatre means good luck, but it’s bad luck to say good luck with these chaps. So I don’t! Why break a leg makes them sigh with relief, I shall never know.

5. The saying that accidents and bad luck always come in threes: I think comes from the ‘Three on a Match‘ superstition, which dates back to the soldiers of the Crimean War. Wherever it comes from, I still think it. After two mishaps – I’m automatically wondering when the next mishap is going to happen!

6. Wearing green at weddings: Don’t know why, but I was once told it’s unlucky to wear green at anybody’s wedding. For them or me?

7. Black Cats: I’m prone to black cats walking across my path. I owned one a while back and had no chance! I lived to tell the ‘tail’.

8. The Ravens at the Tower of London: Legend dictates that, if the ravens ever leave, the Tower will fall and the Kingdom will fall. Wouldn’t want to be around if that happened!

9. To knock on wood: I always do this to avoid tempting fate after saying stuff like ‘thankfully I’ve not had a cold all year,’ does it work? Who knows? LOL The expression is usually used in the hope that a good thing will continue to occur after it has been acknowledged and to prevent it from going completely tits up. Don’t believe me? *Knock Knock*

10. The OSCAR Love Curse: Thankfully I am never going to win an Oscar Award for Best Actress, but plenty of ladies have and look what happened to them

11. Spilling salt: There’s always a devil on our left shoulder to throw it back at, apparently!

12. Friday 13th: Great Film, though. According to Wiki the asteroid 99942 Apophis will make a close encounter with Earth, closer than the orbits of communication satellites, on Friday, April 13, 2029 — Best wear your hard hats everyone. *Gulp*

13. The number thirteen: Unlucky for some is having Triskaidekaphobia – a fear of this number! Thankfully I’ve personally always loved this number and found it lucky for me. ūüėÄ

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8 thoughts on “Halloween Thursday 13: Are you superstitious? Or just plain weird.

  1. I think I still throw salt out of habit but I’ve never paid enough attention to be sure. One I do still have from being tiny is when I’m walking with someone closely I don’t like to split apart to go around an object. I’d prefer to cross on the same side. It’s my mom’s fault, something about splitting your luck. *headshake* Ah the things we inherit *grin*

    Happy TT,

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  2. I do remember the salt over the shoulder one, but had forgotten all about it until I read it just now ūüôā

    The black cat crossing your path? I usually find it creates good fortune for me.

    Things coming in threes. I’m just NOT going there. I even have three sets of three in nine months! None of them good.

    666 the devil’s number, I’d never heard of until a couple of months ago ūüôā So obviously if anything changes now, I’ll put it down to the power of the subconscious.

    If there’s no one around, I’ll walk under ladders, but them I’m bloody-minded like that!!

    Alice,- wow, I bet you weren’t popular for a while!

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