I Blew It! DREAM Goals

Many of you will know that goals should be SMARTSpecific – Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely – and I fully believe this is why I can’t keep up with National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) from one month to another. I’m far too busy to post every day, as much as I try, and I really do, I just do not seem to be able to do it. After blowing this month’s NaBloPoMo I felt so disheartened I didn’t come back for days. But here I am with my tail in between my legs fluttering my sad puppy dog eyes. Although, my lack of blog over August didn’t help! Pout. Life is too short to feel like this. So what can I do? Well, lets start with a quick analysis of my NaBloPomo idea, work out why I failed and then move on to a different (more attainable) goal.

1) The idea of NaBloPoMo is to publish a blog post every day for an entire month. That’s a huge problem, because I only write Mondays – Fridays so coming online during the weekend for any length of time is a bit tricky.

Analysis – Give up the one-a-day mentality! It’s like trying to achieve a goal that I already know I cannot keep. IMPOSSIBLE! To me that’s telling my subconscious that I have already failed. Posting every day is neither achievable or realistic for me. Well, doh!

Solution – Go for a once-a-week post! Unless of course I have something important to say in between. Once a week I can plan for and prepare in advance if I need to. Maybe an update on my writing progress for book two of the Dark Kingdom Chronicles every Sunday would work?

That’s a much better goal in my opinion because I’ve always seen goals as DREAMs

Determinable – In this case I know how often I want to blog and when it will be completed each week.

Realistic – I can see myself succeeding in this goal, since it’s not so far-fetched for me. Therefore I’m keener to attempt it as I deep down I believe I CAN do this!

Ending – It must have an ending – a deadline. Even if it’s only a guess, it is something to strive for. I find nothing is worse than being told to do something – sometime.

Attainable – When it comes to goals I believe in starting small – not so small it’s boringly easy to reach – a goal needs to excite and push you towards the final result. To me it’s the sense of urgency which drives me to complete my goals, but if they are so far in the distance and looking damn near impossible, well, that’s just off-putting.

Meaningful – That this goal means a lot to me will assist me in being focused and motivated enough to work at it. Much like my new writing goals for book two.

I’ve the frame of mind that if you want something enough you’ll do anything (within your own moral limits) to get it. Unfortunately, that more often than not, means making huge sacrifices to attain your goals. For me the sacrifice for writing was to find more time for more writing. In order to find time I had to stop watching so much telly. That was pretty much hard work for me at first, but now I feel agitated if I find myself watching stuff on TV when I know I could be working! I want this more. 🙂

Website Issues

I won’t go on, lets just say I’ve moaned enough on Twitter, but I am unsure anyone will actually get to read this post, since I am having domain hosting issues and have spent weeks waiting for my website to miraculously appear. Of course, to cut a long story short, that just isn’t going to happen. So I’m coming back to WordPress if they will have me without any issues!



9 thoughts on “I Blew It! DREAM Goals

  1. Angelika, I don’t think publishing a post everyday is a good idea. A post should be something you want to share and discuss; spontaneous and fun, or sober and serious. Your choice. But to publish everyday may lead to just going though the motions in order to fulfill an artificial commitment. Better to post when you have something to say than to do so just to tick off another day on the calendar. Write and post when you feel the muse, Angelika. Make it enjoyable and not a chore.

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