My “Black Ice” Novel Release Day {{Giveaway!}}

I’m pleased to announce Black Ice, Book One of The Dark Kingdom Chronicles, has been released into the big wide world today! HURRAH!

To celebrate, and to garner a few more followers of my mailing list, I’m going to put a print copy of Black Ice up for grabs as a giveaway prize for one lucky member.

This giveaway will be open worldwide from now through to midnight July 31st 2010. On Sunday 1st August I’ll announce the winner.

To enter, just join the mailing list here!

Here’s a teaser for you!

Her heart raced, but knowing he was angry she didn’t complain. Nor did she struggle or cry out for him to stop. The book of Protocol and Etiquette said punishments were easier to bear if they were not fought against. Time to test out that theory.
Her belly pressed against his leather-clad thighs and her firm breasts hung, pointing to the floor where her fingertips splayed out in an effort to support herself.
Fingers grasped her panties, yanked them down to her knees and left them there. Cool air wafted around her exposed bottom, now thrust high and vulnerable. Her face reddened at the thought of him inspecting her. So closely. With one hand between her shoulder-blades he held her down. A broad palm rested across both cheeks. His touch made her jump.
‘Hold still,’ he admonished, taking his warm hand away and raising it high above his head. She gritted her teeth and waited for the first spank.

Please join my mailing list to be in for a chance of winning a print copy of Black Ice and to keep abreast of my writing antics!

Thank you!

Available in paperback and ebook format directly from the publisher Chimera Books Ltd UK.

Pre-order from Amazon UK/ USA


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