Daily Chicken…

I mean, check-in,

Well, yesterday I was just far too excited to write. My book went for a whiz around a printing machine, well, that’s how I imagine it when I’m told its being printed. You know, those little Offset Printing machines, where you have to change the plates and wipe them clean with that lovely liquid, which smells like pears?  What is that called?

Oh, yes, I’ve dabbled myself.

In fact,  here’s a little known secret about me. When I once worked as an Offset Printer…I created my own black and white fanzine, advertised it in an underground mag doing the same thing,  and sold it worldwide. Not in my break time either.

Ah! The memories. Walking around with inky hands, smelling like pears and moonlighting during the daytime. *

Of course, I’m all grown up NOW and prefer to write books over fanzines.

Oh yeah, yesterday’s word count. Well, I was far too busy jumping up and down like a very excited thing being the most excited thing she’s been since she heard her book was going to be published. And that was pretty exciting, too.

Yep, I was excited.



*Also between you and me, the boss always stopped to have his flask of tea and his packed lunch at 11.00am for his ‘elevenses’ — however busy we were!

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