Day Two in the Little Sister House

A quick check-in for NaBloPoMo.

Well, it’s Wednesday, and NOW seems like a good time to do it.

Well, so much for day two…Day one didn’t go as planned either. My word count was a big fat 0 for both days. Did lots of planning though. I’m also finding the story is endlessly going round my head. So much, in fact, you know what? I actually caught myself talking aloud to my characters! First sign of madness?* I do hope not!

And yes, I was alone.

Okay, check-in for today done. I apologise for the thinness of this post, but once a week I will write a full one. Unfortunately, these check-ins will not have too much in them, but I should report back every day as I have planned to do. I should be writing not blogging anyway, shouldn’t I?

Meanwhile it’s goodbye from him and goodbye from her.

(Bet you haven’t heard that in years!)


* Nah! That’s hairy palms

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