I’m In Holly Lisle’s Book…

Kind of…

Last week one of my writing groups run by the author, Holly Lisle, set a quick (under three days) writing competition for her How to Think Sideways (HTTS) writing course members. She wanted to put together a book of true life stories called How To Write Your Novel, Finish The Book, Overcome Fear, Discover Your Real Priorities, & Change Your Life…

Holly asked for us to tell her, in 200 to 500 words … one way you have used something you’ve learned in HTTS to achieve a great result. This can be anything from finishing your story to first submission to first query to first sale…and it can also be something completely unrelated to writing.

She said, ‘Remember, this is a writing contest … so not only do you have to have figured out how to have done something cool, but you have to tell your story in an engaging, compelling manner. Use everything you’ve learned in the course so far to write it. Use your passion, grab my interest in your first line, drag me along with conflict and action, and give me a big close.

Although there were cash prizes, which sadly I didn’t win, she still picked my entry to be in her book. That for me was a prize in itself! In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of hers.

Now I am now able to offer her book for free to everyone. So, I thought it would make a nice feature to add to the files of my NEW YAHOO GROUP ANGEL NEWS as a freebie to give away to my members – a small way to say thank you for joining!

If anyone wants a copy of:  How To Write Your Novel, Finish The Book, Overcome Fear, Discover Your Real Priorities, & Change Your Life… 25 Amazing True Stories About How To Think Sideways will be in the files section ready to download.

Of course it is freely available elsewhere, but at least you have direct access should you be interested and don’t have to go hunting for it. There’s also my rather tongue-in-cheek contribution to amuse you! Ha!

I must add I am an affiliate for Holly’s courses, and this is not something I do lightly – unless I am absolutely satisfied with what I get. I would NEVER recommend anything if that was not the case. For more details of the course, please click the picture below:

This is an affiliate link and I would get a small percentage of IF you joined us.

Hope you enjoy the inspiring book! I DO hope you will join my mailing list, too!



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