Friday Halloween Flash: Eternal Love


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I waited, whip in hand, in her darkened bedroom. Nervous with anticipation. As was the ritual, along with the clock’s bewitching chime, my obedient girl appeared. By the window she stood, her pale skin almost translucent under the moon’s mysterious light. Her perfume, carried by a gentle breeze, livened my senses and caressed my yearning body. She dropped onto all fours. Forever eager to serve. I towered over her, raised the whip and brought it down hard, fulfilling her cravings. Marking her mine. The locked slave collar around her neck symbolises our eternal love, which unlike us will never die.

Copyright 2009 Angelika Devlyn (100 words)

How weird that came out as a Master’s prospective!

I’m posted this early, (well, doh!) since I am not going to be around much tomorrow, when it’s due.

You might be interested to know that I’ve actually worked on this as I felt it didn’t explain the whole story. So, now there is an extended version, which currently stands 429 words, still flash, but doesn’t qualify for this “exactly 100 words” prompt. I like the longer version better , but hope the main meaning of my micro story comes out.

Thank you Spanky, for getting my creative juices flowing. A welcome break as I slog out my current 70,000 wip!

3 thoughts on “Friday Halloween Flash: Eternal Love

  1. Thanks for popping by, Devil! And for your lovely comment. Apologies for not allowing your comment to go through until today — oops! Now any further comments will be allowed immediately. I’m just not used to this WordPrss lark!

    Thank you also, Michael, nice to see you got it. 🙂 I’m still thinking about what to do with the longer version, I may just submit that somewhere, in which case I can’t post it here first. Hmmm. What to do!


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