Flash Fiction Friday! Knickers to you!

OK, so much for me posting every day. But, hey, a girl can’t be THAT perfect?

She can?

Er, oh, okay. Perhaps this will change your mind? I’m flashing in public! About an hour ago I discovered this flash fiction prompt over at Spankys Daily Toast (I’ll resist the urge to ask if he wants butter on that), and thought I’d have a go. If it needs editing, don’t blame me…I was rushed. I’m calling it Knickers to YOU, since I am feeling particularly rebellious today. But, you may notice that I have stuck to the rules of using EXACTLY 100 words. Well, it is on my word count programme. That deserves a few good girl points, surely? It might even count as a new plum! (See above, and yeah, I know that needs updating).

Knickers to YOU!

“You want my knickers?” spluttered Amy. He often tested her ability to obey, but here? Now? In public? She studied his face waiting for the punchline. Deep green eyes penetrated her soul. Her heart fluttered. Her pussy ached. Question answered. He held his hand out across the table. She put down her cutlery, and glanced around the restaurant. Needy to please, scared of watchers she crossed her legs under the table, squeezed together her moistness, and leaned forward. “I can’t’, she whispered biting her lip. He frowned, demanding an explanation for her refusal. Her mouth curled. “I’m not wearing any.”

Copyright Angelika Devlyn 2009


and http://eroticflashfiction.blogspot.com

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday! Knickers to you!

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  2. Well done, Angie, a very delightful and squirmy story. And yes you do get good girl points for following the rules, but you also get your bum spanked for being rushed because you were late in responding to the contest. Now hand over your knickers and prepare for your spanking. 😉

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